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  • Ja dann aber zack zack mit den Bewerbungen zur Registierung. :)

    edith hat nichts gesagt.

  • Innenminister: Vorratsdatenspeicherung muss kommen
  • Besorgte Bürgys: Innenminister:innen die so ein Scheiß fordern müssen gehen.

  • another feature forced really hard on users, with Konsole this time: the color preview
  • Off-Topic: this is truly beautiful. I'm reading this thread in jerboa, which is a Lemmy Client for android, and yet it seems that it's actually a thread on Mastodon. I love this interoperability of the fediverse!

  • Sesselmann in Sonneberg – Erster und einziger AfD-Landkreis fast pleite? Was dahinter steckt
  • Der Grund? Wahrscheinlich Brutale Killerspiele die bösen Ausländer und Linksgrünversiften liegts daran, dass die AfD bis auf heiße Luft und Hetze nichts kann.

  • What is your favourite shell to use
  • Uh. Whatever my distro comes with per default.

  • ‘AI is reliant on mass surveillance’ and we should be cautious, warns head of messaging app
  • I mean you could also write your grocery list per hand.

  • PC Hardwareshops ohne Versandkosten
  • Hättest du keinen lokalen Computer Hardwarestore in der Nähe?

  • Ich🐮🎶🏆iel
  • Einfach Rofl.

  • EU member states remain divided on controversial CSAM-scanning plan — but for how long?
  • Except csam always just was a pretended reason to implement this mass surveillance anti privacy and anti encryption bill.

  • NATO Member Sweden Says Russia Disrupting Its Satellite Networks
  • Disruption of communication can only mean one thing...

  • Shortest license agreement ever.
  • And it's frequency of usage is proportional to the amount of code to be reviewed.

  • Brandenburg: AfD verlässt bei Vereidigung des Antisemitismusbeauftragten Plenarsaal
  • Wie offensichtlicher müssen die Nazis denn noch werden bevor die im Bundestag was dagegen unternehmen?

  • Firefox 127.0.1 Release Notes
  • Don't forget the N variants. In those you don't have any media codecs or DRM plugins.

  • ich🍆iel
  • Warum cum'st du?

  • Firefox 127.0.1 Release Notes
  • A Home Edition implies the existence of a Pro Edition.

  • Firefox 127.0.1 Release Notes
  • Introducing Firefox Localhost edition.

  • The four horsemen of online profile pictures
  • Where is JC Denton?

  • Farewell Anvil F7C Hornet Mk1 F7 Hornet Mk I Sunset FAQ - Star Citizen Spectrum

    Bid Farewell to a True Legend Ever since its debut in 2806, the Hornet has risen to excel in a variety of roles, from high-stakes reconnaissance to brutal dogfighting. However, recent escalating...

    F7 Hornet Mk I Sunset FAQ - Star Citizen Spectrum

    So it seems that CIG decided to cease selling the F7C Hornet Mk1 in favour of the F7C Hornet Mk2. It kinda makes sense from an in-universe Lore and I like that they just don't replace all Hornet Mk1s with the Mk2s like they did previously with the reworks of several Ship Classes (freelancer, Mustang, Constellation) and that they continue working on it, getting it to gold pass and keeping the specs up to date.

    When I look at the stats of the Hornets it dawned on me that the Upgrade between Mk1 and Mk2 isn't that significant, its wing hardpoints were upgraded from S3 to S4 and its body got slimmer (less Hydrogen Fuel and less Ordnances), so why not continue flying that old lady?

    Do you think this Marketing Stun is just for FOMO? Several citizens in the linked Spectrum FAQ regarding the out-phasing think it is.


    Planet X2 controls

    Hey there Void,

    I just got my Evercade VS and with it the Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 which contains Planet X2 (c64 edition).

    Now for some reason whenever I hit the unmappable R2 it goes into the Quit Menu prompt which asks for a Yes or No. But whatever input I do it will not react.

    The Unit Hotbar continues to work but doesn't do anything. (It's also a total mess which can lock up the controls) and when I restart the Game it doesn't react to any input I make as well.

    Anyone got an idea how to solve this issue?


    Is the Origin 315P worth it?

    So with the introduction of Vehicle Mounted Tractor Beams, I have come back to the Origin 315P.

    It has all the amenities of the 300i and 325A, but also the maximum of Cargo Capacity (12 SCU). But the question is, is the 315P with its Sure Grip Tractor Beam instead of the S4 nose hardpoint worth it?

    Sure you can pull Cargo with it, but you simply can't pull cargo onto your lift since it isn't a remote turret, and even then the fore cargo lift has its barrier in between the turret and the lift making it impossible to just pull and push the crates in.

    Will the Exploration/Pathfinder variant of the 300 series get some additional aces up its sleeve, or was that it? And where are actually its ship components?


    Aegis Reclaimer is quite fun and useful

    With the luckily rapidly developed hotfix for salvaging and the Aegis Day during IAE, 3 friends and me rented a Reclaimer to test out the hotfix.

    I was super happy to notice that the main elevator works flawlessly now. You can reach any floor and don't get stuck on one. The salvaging fills up as it used to be, but sadly here as well CIG decided to throw away the Abrade for a Sure Grip Tractor Beam, which as we know is now illegal to use on a ship.... good job breaking it.

    One last thing though that bothers me is that the headlights don't work.

    In the end we salavged a Starlifter and got 50 scu worth of RMC. Was quite the pleasant experience.


    If it fits, it sits

    So with a random happenstance, some guys and I met at Area 18 where we discovered some places to land on with no issues. This includes the ATC Tower of Riker Memorial Spaceport and the IO Tower.

    We also discovered that you can fly over the Highway which only has a soft No-Fly Zone now (you can enjoy 17 seconds of Highway to the Danger zone, if you will).


    Coming out to my parents was probably not a good idea

    So last week I came out to my Parents and my Grandma.

    I already knew beforehand that this will not end well, as my parents are (super)conservative and self-absorbed. But I had to do it anyway, right?

    I met with my grandma (mid-eighties) first alone, she was a bit shocked but was quite understanding of the situation, and she tried real hard to use my proper pronouns. I really love her trying and being open.

    Then my parents arrived and I laid it all down to them. They were shocked of course. Interestingly, I was not the first who happened to be trans in my family, my mother said in a tone like that being trans is some freak accident that happen and can't be helped. They told me her deadname and her new name, but from then on out they constantly deadnamed her whenever they referred to her. Great start...

    She also once said, probably with good intention, that I would always be her deadname. Which stung even more, especially since she said that after I tried to correct her on my pronouns and my name. Like she totally disregarded what i was saying all along.

    To my father, he is a quite right-leaning and buys into the idea that the rainbow flag and trans movement is communistic. As in, we as a minority, want to dictate the majority how to speak, act and think. (Imaging that novel idea, that inclusivity and respect is communistic)

    In the end I could bear it any longer and found a somewhat graceful exit to leave this toxic coming out.

    But ever since then, and the text messages I received from my mother don't help at all, thoughts are gnawing on my self. Text messages like: that she doesn't think that I am trans and that the journey I am on is the right one. Because she read up on literature (she didn't mention what literature), she hadn't seen any signs during my youth, and she insists that she always knows best.

    So yeah, thoughts like am I really trans? is this just really only just a phase? Do I only really want attention? Am I just faking it?

    But why, on the other hand, do I feel the shot of euphoria whenever a colleague calls me by my name and uses my given pronouns?

    Why not just end this charade once and for all? Who would care in the end?

    Dysphoria, fueled by conservatives who don't accept you, is really tormenting at times.


    My first Appointment went really well

    So some other girls in this community mentioned that they had their first appointments regarding transgender questions and such, and so did I.

    To preface this, I'm from Germany, so don't take any advice from this post please as every journey is different and is dependent on where you life, what healthcare options you have and such.

    So, I went to an independent, donation based, center which deals about everything LGBTQ+. First it was pretty easy, going up to the door looking for the ringer, and then I suddenly stop in my motion. I hesitated and asked myself: "Am I really ready for this, to question everything?" My finger pressed the ringer and the Door swung open.

    A super cheery woman was waiting for me and showed me the room where we would get to know each other and had to leave me alone for a bit as she had to deal with something else first (it was also 10 minutes before the actual appointment, I like being too early than being too late).

    Then we talked. About all of my immediate concerns regarding transitioning, not only socially and medically, but political and work related as well.

    I didn't know that public healthcare in Germany can cover so many things (when you have a diagnosed ICD-10 F64.0 that is). From HRT, to surgery to hair removal, vocal-chord surgery...

    Pretty amazing. Buuuuut, getting that diagnose is a pain in the butt, even though I'm in the third-biggest city. There are just too few specialized therapists and the queue times can be years long. But that's not where it ends, I have to go through at least 5 sessions, 50 minutes each. And then I can get the diagnosis to get my medical journey started. Firstly, I want to go on HRT, getting those hormones and the body changes; they sound super promising. I'm not certain yet about the steps after that. But changing my legal name will, currently as a new law is in the making, take legal council, examination and some months to think it over, and then an appointment at court. WTF? The new law can't come soon enough.

    So yeah. It has been good talking to a sister regarding those questions and my concerns, as the political climate isn't looking spiffy right now, and it only gets worse.

    In any case, if you have questions or need help regarding trans* please seek out your local community as they can be really helpful and supportive!


    I just had my first dysphoria attack

    So I became fairly recent aware and confident enough to accept my inner self being a woman instead of a man, like my body. All of my friends are super affirming and supportive, and I totally love them for having them!

    But thats the good side of it all. There is the bad side as well.

    Just randomly, during a quite boring company online meeting, I scrolled through some toots, listend to some music and to their presentation, I got such a severe anxiety attack. I don't know why, or what I could do. I was just bawling my eyes out. All those negative emotions of just being different, that there are groups in our society that dont accept us or even worse attack us hit me all at once.

    It was utterly horrible. I sat there in my chair for atleast 10 minutes, unable to do anything but cry and destroy my mind.

    Then I got a smidge of courage and joined my friends (who also happen to be colleagues from the same team) discords voice chat. Just expressing that I'm fricking awful and telling them about it. How I feel and all, but unable to determine a trigger. Sure they couldn't really "help" me, giving me advice or whatever. But that they were just listening, and understanding was already enough to get me out of that awful hole.

    I am so lucky that I have them, just one click away.

    Sorry for the ramblings, but I just had to somewhat write all of that shit down.

    The Expanse macniel

    regarding the belter

    Its my first run and I'm currently in the middle of Season 2 (episode 8: Pyre) so if the situation changes after that please don't spoiler me.


    Am I wrong that I really don't like the Belter?

    They are so unorganized and aggressive and only out for themselves.

    After Fred Johnson acquired the 30 Nukes as a contingency to defend the Belt against Mars and Earth, why are the leaders of the belt so daft and actually want to use them against the inner planets? Then that stupid mutiny against him after they kidnapped the remaining doctor.

    And then that atrocity after Ganymede, where the Freighter simply ejected people from the inner planets when they were told to move to a different freighter. That was truly gut-wrenching.

    Also, I'm quite sad but also happy that Miller sacrificed himself in Eros and be with Julie Mao for their final journey to Venus.

    Besides that I would say that I fell in love with the series, the setting, the people and everything.


    What's the most satisfying ship you fly/drive?

    Every Ship and or Ground Vehicle has its quirks and flight/drive characteristics. What's your favorite and why?

    Be it the fastest, the most maneuverable, the most responsive or just the most easy-going ship.

    Oddly enough for me it's the MISC Freelancer, it may not be the fastest out of the bunch but the turnrates in atmosphere just feel really right.


    So apparently youtube, or its comment system, is against the fediverse

    Over the time new youtube videos crop up talking about reddit, twitch and twitter issues. And in those comment sections I always like to spread the word of alternatives (like the fediverse). But whenever I do, those comments get quietly removed even though they seem to be posted in the first place.

    Whenever I try to add further details, for example name dropping lemmy/bin pixelfeed peertube and mastodon, to previously posted comments those error out and gets deleted entirely.

    Anyone else made that observation?


    Roadmap Roundup - 28th June, 2023 Roadmap Roundup - June 28, 2023 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the community tools used by our fans.

    Roadmap Roundup - June 28, 2023 - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    Added to 3.20:

    • New Missions - Salvage Contracts: Coverup

    Marked as Committed for 3.20:

    • Arena Commander: Frontend Update
    • Arena Commander: New Racetracks
    • Arena Commander: New Horizon Speedway Rework
    • Arena Commander: New Dogfighting Map - Jericho Station
    • Arena Commander: New Elimination Map - Echo11
    • Arena Commander: New Dogfighting Map - Winner's Circle
    • Arena Commander: New Map - Security Post Kareah

    Removed from 3.20:

    • Ship Trespass

    Link to the full Roadmap Update:

    Link to the Release View:

    Link to Spectrum Discussion:


    How would interdiction of Spaceships be possible?

    Hello Sci-fi fans and writers, I hope that this here is the correct spot to ask this question regarding a conundrum I have come about during my work on a sci-fi short Story.


    In said Short Story, I have some people (Agents) chasing after some other people (Heroes). The heroes stumbled upon some critical information that could damage the faction (Bad Guy) that employs the chasing party. The information got intercepted in time, but to make sure that the information wouldn't be leaked again, they would need to silence the heroes.


    In space there are two modes of flight: conventional reaction based propulsion and a higher speed propulsion which uses a so-called jump drive which flings the spaceship along a predetermined trajectory at high sub-light speeds (max speeds would be 0.5c). There is near instantaneous communications, but you would need to be in coverage of the network itself, which is flaky at best.


    So how would agents be able to intercept / interdict the heroes in a plausible fashion? Would it be reasonable to have a micro wormhole generator or some other way to deploy gravimetric wells, which would destabilize the entire star system? Would it be anticlimactic to just have the agents wait for the heroes to finish their jump, as they would know where they would drop out?

    I would love to hear opinions and suggestions from you.


    Laser Shipweapons

    Ever since 3.14, the great equalizer, all Laser Repeater and Laser Cannons (and also all other Weapons for that matter) have been baselined in damage, rate of fire and capacity usage except styling.

    Which guns do you prefer for their aesthetics?

    I love my purple/blue pew pews I get from the MaxOx NN and MaxOx NDB weapons, but those Quarreler Shots sound super beefy and satisfying as well.

    Also I wonder when those weapons get their distinctiveness back e.g. HD Attritions yielding higher DPS the hotter they get.


    Inside Star Citizen: SAN'tALK.YāLL

    Talking about the San'tok.yāi and the Hull C with its upcoming Cargo changes.


    Aopoa Khartu'al appreciation post

    I always wanted to ride in a hamster cage and thanks to the Alien Week 2953 offering I now can do exactly that. But in style!

    I totally love the Paintjobs for the Alien ships, and Harmony is just the best for the Aopoa Khartu'al!

    The gimballed thrusters I loved from the Mirai Fury actually started with this ship and it makes so much fun steering in with it. from 0 to top speed in space in no time, and some very nice weapon hardpoints to boot with (2xs4!) and that transformation sequence. Just sheer awesome.

    What do you like about the Aopoa Khartu'al?


    Länge von Beiträgen?

    Hallo Feddit, ich wollt gerade eine Kurzgeschichte in einer Community für Kurzgeschichten als hochladen. Aber das funktioniert nicht, darauf hin hatte ich versucht ein kurzen Testbeitrag dort zu posten und das hat funktioniert.

    Daher meine Frage, gibt es eine Maximal Länge von Beiträgen? (Beitrag wäre ~14 tausend Zeichen lang)


    How do you play Star Citizen?

    Do you play solo, or in an Org? Do you care about Roleplaying or are you rather casual?

    I for myself work mostly alone and solo but I would love eventually join a mil-sim org where I could perform duties of a logistics officer. For example bringing People and Equipment from A to B or gather resources for refining/salvaging which then later could be used (when the Game has progressed) for utilizing those raw resources to manufacture ammunition, repairs and fuel etc.


    Tofu und andere Fleischersatzprodukte?

    Moin Hamburg,

    sagt mal wisst ihr wo man Tofu hier in unserer wunderschönen Hansestadt (Komme aus Hammerbrook) herbekommt? Ich hab richtig lust mal etwas mit Tofu zu machen.

    Und wie kann man das am besten dann auch Würzen? Kenne mich nicht wirklich aus und bin auch einer ein Anfänger was die Küche anbelangt :D


    How long have you lived on your own Ship?

    Given that with 3.18 bedlogging finally functioning again (albeit a bit restrictive with the only one person can be on a ship during bedlogging), I wanna ask how long have you been able to live onboard your ship?

    With that I mean waking up in your ship and then bed logout on the same.

    I am starting my journey through the stars on board of my Crusader Mercury Star Runner (BFS-The Long Dream), trying to do everything from it: be it missions, cargo, exploration (mostly sand caves) and mining.

    Got any stories to share as well?