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Change Bash shell
  • Dont own a steam deck, but at a guess you might be able to add the terminal lines to change shells to you bashrc, should load it in on first start and then fish will be default from then on.

  • Server as heating device - how do I do this?
  • That was LTT He admits that its a dumb idea on the wan show later so take that as you will. While i havent read the other comments yet, i bet at least a couple have recommended heatpumps. They are the best solution here.

    But if you want to have some fun, grab a large pump and water cool the server, make sure all your water cooling connections can withstand the pressure your giving them and then run the cooling tubes out to your green house.

  • Reading raw comments is like executing malware on your brain
  • People are thinking of the firewall here as something external. You can do this without outside help.

    Who is this source. Why are they telling me this. How do they know this. What infomation might they be ommiting.

    From that point you have enough infomation to make a judgement for yourself what a point of infomation is.

  • if something is a right, everybody gets it, including people you hate
  • To be clear, im not suggesting unhousing them because they wreak the place. What i am suggesting is giving them a roof to sleep under and some basic facilities. All of which are designed to be prettymuch bulletproof to abuse, so we dont just spend money giving homeless people inhospitible conditions to live in.

    One of the sibling comments talked about giving them mental health help as well which i think is a great idea.

  • if something is a right, everybody gets it, including people you hate
  • Yeah this is the main problem. Might just mean the homes need to be more barebones and strongly constructed(soviet blocks?) so that if they start filling it with furniture its their furniture and they might be less likely to break it.

  • Why you should spend more money on underwear
  • Been using me undies myself for just over 6 years. Theyre started to break down over the last year. One complaint i have is the purple lining they use for the elastic seems to leave a mark around my waist. I've been waring them inside out to accomidate.

    I'll be trying some lttstore undies soon. Hopefully theyre similar quality but slightly longer lasting.

  • Homes and real-estate increasing in value should be considered inflation
  • Had a look and im suprised it doesnt get included. Really if more than 80% of households have to pay for something then it should be included in inflation calculations. That would include electricity, council rates, rent/mortgage and many other necessities that currently only get included by proxy.

    This really feels like it should be a thing already so i might do some more research and see if i can find it.

  • A new way to watch youtube(and other video platforms) without a google account

    Greyjays in beta right now but it already looks like it has better data sovrienty than youtube, with easy access to other platforms as well.