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Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • Sorry, we are too busy covering up MLK and RFK assassinations and other slightly left wing folks to busy ourselves with this

    Maybe ask the kkk? Oh right, they’re in our back pocket so that’s a non starter. Hmmm, I wish we could help

    Edit: sorry for bad recommendation fairly certain kkk supports Trump but kkk is still in our back pocket. No, correction: pants suit, right hand pocket

  • Woman faces 30 years in prison after bong water is found during Minnesota traffic stop
  • 30 years? You down voters can bite me. If the product is pure and she was a drug dealer I still say so what.

    Addiction is not a crime. Our community being such low level that we have literal crack heads and schizophrenia diagnosed people, members of our communities without a place to even sleep, let alone live in peace and find themselves and heal, this is the criminal act.

  • Just a reminder
    1. You’re wrong
    2. If my only two options are genocidal corporate oligarch or genocidal fascist dictator, I give zero fucks. I’m not voting for Biden.
    3. DNC said Biden is the only one who can beat Trump. They also said they don’t owe me or any democrat constituents anything. Fuck ‘em.
    4. Stop watching msnbc, cnn, corporate news. (They are lying to you)
  • Just a reminder
  • At this point, if I hear someone making any of your arguments I just move on, understanding that the person I am talking to is bereft of critical thinking skills and lack any form of conscious awareness.

    For real bro, turn off your television.