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  • Not at all. One example is the Romeo and Juliet quest, as a good character you can help their families understand each other, they get together and everyone is happy. On the evil side you can make everyone go to war, even the couple, by conspiring, you watch them kill each other then loot everything! Just one of the quests I think the evil side is way more interesting than the good one.

    The vast majority of evil paths is like that in KotOR

  • "We've made a huge mistake"
  • I should do that with banishment, my players used it to trivialise every combat encounter with multiple enemies. Instead of banishing to another plane, it could temporarily send that enemy into the future, would make for an interesting fight!

  • Xbox Confirms Game Pass Price Hikes, New Tier - FullCleared
  • Currently game pass has become a 'game demo pass' for me. I really like modding and many games in gamepass still dont allow modding or require some really sketchy workarounds (like persona 3R). I also love indies and they are up to 1month behind on updates when compared to steam cause microsoft wants to test all of them. Basically I will find a game I like on gamepass then wishlist it on steam/gog to get the real experience.

  • How do y'all feel about using summons in Soulslikes? [Lies of P endgame spoilers]
  • Fr fr. I will nvr understand how people will tell you how you can't use whole systems in a soulslike because that is 'cheating'. "but I beat X boss without Y so I'm better than you!" and I fucking have a defect on my left thumb that makes it harder to use the left analog thumbstick, am I better than you in every game I've ever played?

    Like people saying using bleed on elden ring makes it too easy. I'm doing a new playthrough with str/faith and let me tell you, I don't even need to use any incantation cause 2handers do insane dmg and every 5 attacks the boss drops to his knees and I get a free 1/5 of his heath with the crit, exactly how bleed does except most bleed weapons don't do insane dmg with their normal attacks and no boss is immune to getting knocked down (tho some are immune to crit attacks).

  • This looks absolutely amazing, thanks!

    It's weird, for the past few weeks I've been trying to switch from reddit to lemmy but something wasn't quite there... I couldn't tell what but I tried all sorts of apps and even the old.reddit style lemmy. After finding this app I can finally say I feel 0 reason to go back to reddit, great work! Kinda dumb but I decided my first post had to be about it since this is the reason for me to be on lemmy now. Also, is it just me or does it adapt to ultrawide resolutions? I've never dreamed to have a better experience browsing on ultrawide but here we are!