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  • How am I supposed to decide who to vote for in local elections?
  • Maybe we need a minimum amount of published information before a candidate can run.

    There are people who are running (and winning) locally that I can’t even find a single source about online. Usually the likes of judges, commissioners, school boards etc.

  • Not really sure whether S-expressions or Python indentation-based scoping get more hate...
  • This leads to weird bugs when you change indentation and miss a line or reorder lines. The logic changes. Not too bad when you’re on your own, as Python seems to be intended for. Add multiple developers and git merges and it is a recipe for disaster. With end tags at least you just end up with poorly formatted working code.

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • Unless you live in a handful of swing or proportional electoral college states this is the correct thing to do. If my vote swung it for Biden in my deep red state then he’d statistically already have 90% of the electoral votes.

    If we ever have a popular vote for president I’ll change this.

    I’ll still vote though for the down ballot races I may effect.

  • Just started learning the F barre chord. How was your F barre chord journey?
  • If your nut is a bit high, try putting a capo on the first fret and play everything the same, but a key lower.

    Also advice from Marty Schwartz is to stop avoiding songs with F. Just play them with a poor F. They will start to clear up. F is hard to practice on its own because you use too much pressure at first and it tires your hand out quickly.

  • Why don’t Guitar Center setup and tune their guitars!

    They would be much easier to sell. It can’t take that long for someone to run through and tweak and that had been messed up or drifted the prior day.


    Tremolo or hardtail?

    I’m considering a second guitar and thinking of going for a hardtail. I have a squire with a tremolo currently, but never use it because it goes out of tune, and honestly in a few years of playing haven’t come across anything I’ve tried to play that requires it. I haven’t seen one used in a single tutorial video.

    If you aren’t playing Van Halen, do they ever really get much use?

    I would buy a decent Floyd Rose, but don’t know if the tuning would be a hassle. Or if I went hardtail would I regret it later?

    Other than some rock, where are these really used?