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Housing Crisis
  • Uhhhh, sure? Maybe try to figure out a way to stop asking such stupid questions. It isn’t some existential problem. Like this very post points out, we have the resources to end homelessness. We simply don’t. We are evil. We want money.

  • Housing Crisis
  • Have you ever thought that the houses don’t need to be in big cities? Why is that not an option in your mind? Other states bussed them out, they can pay to bus them back in and give them homes.

    Why would you advocate for keeping displaced people displaced?

  • Guys, there's a solution that we haven't considered.
  • So you’re okay with attempting to elect a demented old man? When democracy is on the line? That’s crazy.

    He could be replaced. If only we were allowed to have that conversation…………………………………………………..

    How about YOU shut up and let us have the conversation. Your way gets Trump elected. We are trying to save America here.

  • Political unity
  • Are you really trying to act like mainstream media isn’t scared shitless right now of Biden’s presidential run? Are you blind or just trying to stay ignorant on purpose?

  • Political Memes Crikeste

    When Mainstream Media isn't on my side.

    Political unity
  • Since when has the American main stream media been tankies? Sounds like you’re doing everything you can to cope. But keep banging the drum of “he isn’t Trump”. It will surely work.


    That’s enough to save America?

    Those are your words. You better be right.

  • Anybody else notice that weapons containers in outposts now have unlimited storage?

    Not sure if it was like this pre-patch, and you can only store weapons and ammo, but it looks like weapon storage is unlimited.

    A step in the right direction, if it is from the patch.


    No More Will to Play

    I’ve been playing Starfield since launch, and in the beginning I LOVED the game. It seemed like there was so much to explore and do, I felt absolutely overwhelmed.

    The game I had been waiting for was here and it was SICK.

    Until now.

    After beating the game, doing NG+s and doing general role-play; this game is just empty.

    Every planet: 98% the same

    Every random location: 100% the same

    Loot in containers: Always garbage

    Unique weapons: N O N E

    Crafting systems: basic yet, EXTREMELY CONVOLUTED

    Weapon Upgrade: ????? HAHAHAHAHA

    Flying: Okay, this is the best part of the game

    Fast Traveling: L O A D I N G S C R E E N S

    Vendors: Less credits than one gun sells for

    It just feels like all this game exists of is 12 different guns, 12 different random locations, 12 different geological features, 12 different biomes, 12 different forms of weather and a SMALL handful of unique and hand build locations that, to top it off: EXISTS AMONGST HUNDREDS OF PLANETS.

    I want to play the game. My mouse is hovering over it right now. But I can’t bring myself to click it.



    SPOILERS | NG & DLC Discussion


    I’ve been diving into NG+, currently on NG+8. My goal is to get to NG+10 and then REALLY begin playing the game; meaning building bases, collecting unique weapons and armor, etc..

    Anybody else doing this? Because…

    I have a fear that DLC might require us to go through The Unity again. I would ABSOLUTELY HATE to actually settle down in a universe and have to give it all up again. It just is this little tick on the back of my brain that I can’t shake off, and I’m worried.

    Anyone else?


    anybody else notice how the photos youve taken throughout your journey appear as loading screens?

    I just think it’s a neat little addition that gives you that, “ahhhhhhhhh, I remember that!” feeling.