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John Oliver Explains Why Ethanol Fuel Is a Lie
  • short answer is that yes, it is technically possible, but the cost of capital (which hits you on returns and depreciation cost) to build the entire process and sourcing the raw material (demand for biomass) means that your final 'product cost' is higher than cheap corn ethanol, and/or investors don't see the risk vs reward they'd want to see.

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • Not to be that guy but I cold-turkey switched daily driver and I cannot believe I didn't do it earlier. Total amateur "copy-paster" and the only thing I sometimes can't get working are pirated games. Steam changed everything for gaming.

  • Mum’s horror at rats scurrying around children’s play park
  • so... if they see squirrels, are they also disgusted? if they see chipmunks? raccoons, skunks, possums?...

    I get that rats are often found in urban settings... but my thoughts exactly. Small woodland creature found in small woodland park?...

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