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Actually, this town has more than enough room for the two of us

He/him or they/them, doesn't matter too much

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evergreen meme
  • They keep Biden and the loss is likely bigger, haha

  • evergreen meme
  • She certainly has a chance to distance herself from Biden and actually regain disaffected voters.

  • evergreen meme
  • You're partially correct. You can't get there via the existing Capitalist system, you have to build up dual power via organizing. The Capitalist system will dangle treats like Carrots but never allow the system itself to change from within.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • I did try to be thorough, but I guess I overexplained and ended up alienating you, my bad. I do hope you got something from it, I try to clear up misconceptions about Marxism when I see them because he is very misunderstood, especially on instances like

    Have a good day!

  • evergreen meme
  • Oh, it's you! I remember! Thanks for the kind words.

    For what it's worth, eReaders make reading theory much easier for me, and I also have ADHD. Audiobooks also work for people too, but I like to reread sections sometimes.

  • evergreen meme
  • And like. I’d consider myself a far left liberal, in the sense of how the U.S. defined liberal when I learned the terms, where it was more a place on the political spectrum, rather than a codified set of ideas.

    The funny thing is, the US defined liberal is the codified set of ideas, liberalism is just to the left of the median in America. America is that far-right.

    Right to left, I’d define the that spectrum as Reactionary (Alt-right), conservative, centrist, liberal, and revolutionary (leftist, I think?). I know that those terms have different meanings in other countries.

    The problem is that you jump straight from Liberal to Revolutionary, there's a spectrum of thought among leftists. Revolution may be correct, but there are schools of reformist thought as well. Additionally, liberals and all those to the right of them are Reactionary, just in varying degrees. A "centrist" would be left of liberalism, ie a Social Democrat or Market Socialist.

    I’d consider the Republican Party to currently be between conservative and alt-right, with the Democratic Party being centrist with liberal window dressing.

    The Democrats are Neoliberal, there's no set dressing. Liberalism is just right-wing. Conservatives are far-right populists, ie fascists in some cases.

    I think the U.S. political system is fucked. It was never intended to accommodate political parties, let alone the nearly 250 years of maneuvering by capitalists to slip reigns onto the government, which now appears to have fully succeeded.

    On the contrary, the US was designed by wealthy Capitalists to benefit themselves. The system is working as intended, protecting Capitalists.

    I believe that the embrace of fascism by the Republican Party is a means to control the ~60% of people who are left of center and without cohesive political representation because of limitations of the U.S. political system/bastardization of it/the pernicious influence of capitalism.

    Fascism is a class-colaborative alliance between the bourgeoisie and petite bourgeoisie against the proletariat and lumpenproletariat along nationalist lines to attempt to forcibly return to a less-decayed state of Capitalism.

    I don’t support the Democratic Party, nor do I really feel the U.S. government is in a place to fix itself without some foundational things changing. I don’t think, realistically, that those things can be changed without mass engagement and effort, which… sigh. I’m doing what I can.

    Correct. Join an org!

    But also, I don’t believe a revolt or some form of dramatic U.S. government reformation is possible. As a result, the folks that are already demanding change and have given up hope for reforming the system are hostile to me, and the other folks fall into the camp of being disengaged/only mildly upset or even desirous of a slide into fascism. It feels like there isn’t really enough people who are unified who want to change course without throwing the whole thing out.
    I honestly feel kind of alone.

    Reform cannot work, Revolution is the only way. Build up dual power, organize, and try to build up parallel structures. Organize!

    What happens if the U.S. does elect Trump and it swings full fascism?

    Beating Trump won't stop the conditions for fascism, only Leftism can. Fascism can only be kicked down the road, until the ratchet effect takes us there anyways, unless Leftists organize.

    I’m not trying to challenge or debate anyone here. I don’t think you’re stupid, nor do I think the ideals are bad. I fucking wish society was more altruistic and smarter.
    I just… don’t see any realistic or actionable outcome other than to keep fighting for every inch using the tools we have, even if they are faulty, entrenched systems.
    Call me propagandized, unimaginative, cynical or stupid, or… whatever, I guess. I just don’t see other viable options, and I think broadcasting moral superiority, embracing divisiveness and exhibiting hostility is going to create roadblocks, should we need to unite. If we can.

    You've got the core of it, but not the theory. Try reading Leftist theory! Whether it be Marxist or Anarchist, leftists have been attempting to fix the system and are growing in power.

  • evergreen meme
  • Yes, that's legitimately it. Many people who are generally anti-CPC latch onto the Pooh meme without realizing it's just racism. They see that it's not generally liked, so they go super hard into it even if it's just bigotry and nothing else.

    It gets even worse when they pull the "he just looks like that" card. Like, pick a non-yellow bear, at the bare (heh) minimum.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • Sure, those aren't the USSR.

  • evergreen meme
  • Lmao, is this vibes-based theory? Nothing you said makes any sense, haha

  • evergreen meme
  • Yep, it explains that I don't like racism, and it explains that you're outwardly and proudly racist.

    Is it funny to you to depict Chinese people as yellow bears? This is boomer level racism. You can be against the CPC and Xi without making racist caricatures of him your personal profile picture.

    Would you like to explain why depicting a Chinese person as a yellow bear isn't racist, and is totally okay? Is racism okay for you if its against people you politically disagree with?

  • evergreen meme
  • Is reading Marx "Propaganda?" What about Engels, Luxemburg, Politzer, Chomsky, or Parenti?

    What makes something "propaganda" and what makes something "political theory?" Is it whatever you personally agree with? Is that why you have a racist profile picture?

    "Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds," looks like you've been scratched.

  • evergreen meme
  • "No you"

    Listen, you could try to do something productive and try to read some of the same books on theory most of us have, as well as look into the historical ties between Liberalism and Fascism against Leftism. Instead, you wade in here, drop a very ill-informed comment, then act like a victim because people disagree with you online.

  • evergreen meme
  • Some of them, sure, but this post is 100% accurate historically.

  • evergreen meme
  • You talk such a big game about Gaza and fascism, but you wouldn't stoop so low as to actually fucking vote on this issue.

    Cool, so you'll vote for Claudia De La Cruz of the Party for Socialism and Liberation? She's antifascist and anti-genocide, unlike Biden and Trump.

  • evergreen meme
  • I'm shocked, honestly, at the response to my comment.

    Why? Liberals have left-punched for their entire existence.

    I don't understand how everyone can be missing this so badly. This meme, this attitude of left vs. far left, is the EXACT same thing that the right did to themselves before the last election (and are currently still doing). This whole idea that the liberals aren't left enough, or that, as you say, the liberals are attacking the far left, is a lie.

    Liberals are not left. Liberalism supports Capitalism, Leftists support Socialism. Historically, such as in Nazi Germany, Liberals aligned with the fascists against the Leftists. It isn't left vs far left, it's left vs right.

    It's agitprop all right, but it's agitprop designed to agitate the entirety of the left, and divide them before an election. It's turning blue voters into non-voters or third party voters. It's doing exactly what the right wants. It's giving them the election on a fucking silver platter. It's just horseshoe theory mixed with a little, "The call is coming from inside the house."

    No, it's agitprop meant to get liberals to finally join the left against fascists, instead of liberals crying and handing the reigns to fascists yet again.

    But, no. Go ahead. Keep believing yourself to be the victim of crimes you have no evidence of. Keep telling yourself that it's you against the world. And when Trump takes office after the election in 4 months you can have so many other people to blame it on other than yourself.

    When Trump takes office, it will be because liberals continue to "vote blue no matter who" as America tumbles further and further right, a dying empire, rather than for one time joining the left and organizing on the ground. Liberals vote once every 2 years and think themselves warriors against fascism as they fight against leftists at every step.

    Great work. Keep it up. You are a true free-thinker.

    Thank you! If you want reading recommendations, I have a bunch I think might help clarify some misconceptions you have.

  • evergreen meme
  • Scratch a liberal, and a fascist bleeds.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • I doubt they are a troll, they had a common misconception and then got upset when it was pointed out. There was nothing deliberately provacative.

    Just odd all around.

  • evergreen meme
  • But they have absolutely no desire to compromise with fascism, and they have the same criticisms of capitalism and the current market as myself.

    This is pretty much the default stance for most people, I believe. The issue, is that without deprogramming the Anticommunist Red Scare Propaganda, and without reading Leftist Theory, this is the endpoint of this position, essentially doomerism.

    That said, there’s still a shitload of liberals in the US that think we can simply vote these problems away and basically do nothing else. They aren’t willing to get their hands dirty if it comes down to it and will instead do whatever they can to fly under the radar and put on blinders. They fail to realize that the Democratic Party is the other side of the same fascist coin.

    This is why it's important for Leftists to constantly agitate, organize, and spread theory. Electoralism is a doomed game, organizing is what's important.

  • Capitalism and fascism

    Fascism has always been done by and for Capitalists.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • What do you mean by the USSR not being democratic? They practiced Soviet Democracy.

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