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I like to garden and try to find ways to bring joy and hope into my world.

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The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Crop Rotation - Modern Farmer
  • I admit I only recently begun to learn about the concept of crop rotation, but it is one that I am attempting to incorporate into this year with my garden. Especially with me having 16 plants specifically in large pots instead of my raised beds, I have to be more aware of that practice.

  • Beemats allows you to create floating wetlands of hydroponic plants
  • Living in an agricultural community where several of the ranches and farms have artificial ponds, I almost wonder how well this would work there. Extra plants and harvest but also the shade created by the plants in theory may help combat some of the evaporation.

  • Meshtastic
  • I have been following them for a year or two now, and it is just amazing. I have thought about how hard or easy a system could be built to connect it with lorawan or similar.

  • cutting your children off from society doesn't help your children or society
  • Fully agree with this, having known both parents who homeschooled their children, and the children who were homeschooled. To put it bluntly, I have seen the trauma that many of the children have in how they are controlled and the emotional abuse that their homeschooling did to them because it was their parents controlling every aspect of their life. Now, with the parents, I also shall say the harsh fact that the majority of the parents I know that want to homeschool are the types who want to decide for themselves what their "little genius" will become, creating an entitled image of what they will make their children become, and will not permit anything that isn't their image. The child is not allowed to actually develop.

    And I'll say that as a parent.

  • The total solar eclipse is returning to the United States — better than before
  • I am excited! I was in Omaha for the 2017 Eclipse, and plan to be in Texas for this one, taking photos and enjoying the sight of it. It is a humbling sight, and from a spiritual perspective it is amazing for channeling energy through.

  • Hopepunk, Optimism, Purity, and Futures of Hard Work by Ada Palmer
  • Thank you for sharing this. I admit, the nature of hopepunk was something I found recently through solarpunk and it kept going in my heart as an ideal to push for, especially in the work and life environment I am in.

  • 3 tops x 3 bottoms x 3 jackets = 27 outfits
  • That is most interesting, you seem to have misunderstood where I specified that some of the clothing I've had for the past five to six years. Then again, it also appears you misunderstood where I specified that the clothing I've had to get rid of I give to a local segunda that primarily gives away the clothing to those who could use it, and would want it.

    Did you perhaps, not read what I wrote, but merely judged me based off the initial sentence? If that is the truth, then it is alright, but please, do in the future state so first so I know what to expect of you.

    I wish you well, MuchPineapples.

  • 3 tops x 3 bottoms x 3 jackets = 27 outfits
  • This is an interesting discussion point to look at, because for some people they seem to not understand that others, such as myself, genuinely love having many different styles and colors to choose from, as a way of self-expression.

    I have clothing that is five to six years old, and also have clothing that is only a year or two, I will not deny. The clothes I had to get rid of where due to how much my body changed in the past five to six years, where I gave them to my local segunda where they give them or sell them for cheap. I got my use out of them. I even have a few outfits I've only worn so far once, because I've only had the one time so far, but when occasions arise I'll wear them again.

  • The False Dream of Cottagecore | How the problematic romanticization of Western rural life reveals our discontent with the modern world
  • You put it best. Many want the cottage/cabin in the woods for the vacation space to post pictures on their instagram or such. There is little allure to the true nature of the lifestyle, the simple cruelty of it. The aesthetic is not the lifestyle, and I wish people would understand that.

  • Heating mats or heating lamps

    Hello to everyone,

    So I am growing a set of plants this winter, soil in terracotta pots with some terracotta ollas for watering them. I have the plants sitting in the window, about 8-9 inches away from the pane itself to keep from getting too cold, and have the grow light over, so that way they are getting light in that cycle, the lights being on during the day time so that when the sun isn't as strong, the lights can help.

    I was thinking about whether or not I should get a heating mat for them as well, or a heating lamp to help keep them from being too cold. What would be your recommendations?

    The plants are as follow:

    Lemon balm, Orange Hat Tomatoes, Bush Pinto Beans, and Tom Thumb Lettuce.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for reading!


    Lunarpunk in the Winter

    As we are approaching the winter time with the solstice, I find myself wondering what to you is Lunarpunk in the winter time? What is something you add to the aesthetic in your eyes?


    Starting a new balance of activities and the difficulties

    Hello to everyone. I admittedly am posting this to discuss difficulties that this week has been with me getting myself moving with the new changes to my routine, and the stress it has brought about for me.

    I work two full-time careers, one in the daytime from 10 am to 6 pm, the other in the nighttime from 11 pm to 7 am, the days offset to grant me 4 days where I work only one of the two offices and 3 days where I work both. I balance this with a biphasic sleep schedule, which while not the most ideal, has been one that works well for me. I also have other obligations in my life that I maintain, primarily for self-care and self-soothing to grant me reprieve from my stress in life, this is in the form of weekly D&D sessions with two groups of friends as a GM for both groups, a weekly meeting with my coven as a Pagan, a weekly support meeting for others in the local community, working out at the gym and biking, and also my garden which I tend to daily. I admit, my life is busy, and it is something I don't want, but it is due to circumstances out of my control the life I have going for me.

    I have had to recently as well though incorporate another part, specifically for furthering my career and making more of a future for myself, and this has been finishing out my degree. I have been doing online university classes for a few semesters now and normally have been able to maintain a good flow with my other life activities; however, this week started the Fall Semester and I find that I have been heavily struggling to get that flow going. I admittedly had to start late because I ended up having to work a lot of overtime over the course of a weekend due to issues with my night-job and had been too exhausted to do anything but sleep for the first two days of the semester. As this Sunday ends though, I find that I have fallen behind in what I was planning to have done by this point with my schedule, and am struggling with the stress of trying to figure out how to force it all to go so I can get the flow going, which is not always the best.

    It is admittedly what causes me to find myself feeling tired from the life I live. In the past I had it where once I got a good flow going it all would line up and move evenly, with me only having to go with it and have the feeling of less stress as it all lined up, knowing that on which days were which activities, giving me something to look forward to during the work day and work night.


    Site survey done for my house!

    About a month ago I had started the work to get solar panels set up at my house. They came by today to do the site survey and I am just happy to know that progress is being made slowly! They won't be able to do roof units, primarily due to what my house is, but there is space for ground units, and I am curious to hear what they suggest they do for it.