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  • You were supposed to understand the universe through intellectual extrapolation of the Bible or of greek philosophy - not by dumbly testing out things in the real world until you found a consistent pattern.

    That is fundamentally not true. Especially since it implies that science wasn't practiced outside of Christian institutions and Greek society. It completely omits things like the Islamic golden age, discoveries involving mathematics and astronomy in India, Chinese chemistry, and medicine throughout many parts of Africa

  • It’s vitally important that Democrats now ask one question and one question only: Does Biden have the best chance of beating Trump, or is there someone else readily available who has a better chance?
  • This whole "12 month election cycle" bullshit is a pretty new phenomenon.

    That exactly the point. We're in the age of the 24 hour news cycle were attentions spans have been grounded into dust. For a campaign to win there needs to be nonstop engagement. Half of lemmy forgot all the actual good stuff Biden has done in his 4 years. Even the stuff they wanted and legitimately benefitted from. The fuck is a new candidate going to do in 3 or 4 months?

  • Who exactly is trying to push Biden out?
  • They also funded Hilary's campaign. I didn't want Biden to begin. Most ppl didn't want Biden. Now all of the sudden with 4 months to go the high class donors feel they know better now and want him to step down. You had over 2 years to do this. These aren't the first fundraisers Biden has had.

    Trump is going to win because the DNC are a dysfunctional mess that's more concerned with being the king maker instead of listening to the public. No other candidate is going to get swing voters and 4 months isn't enough time to counter Republicans who have been campaigning since Biden won.

    I fucking hate being stuck with democrats. If there was ANY other viable party that I could vote for beside these two dumbass parties I would

  • Federal appeals court rules cops who handcuffed 10-year-old girl for drawing offensive picture must face excessive force lawsuit
  • Why the fuck did the school call the cops?

    You know why....

    Tamara Taylor and her daughter, identified in pleadings as “N.B.”, sued the City of Honolulu and the Hawaii Department of Education for false arrest, use of excessive force, and racial and disability discrimination after police handcuffed and arrested a 10-year-old Black girl who drew an offensive picture.

  • Jon Stewart’s ‘told you so’ about Biden was the scolding we needed
  • The DNC should’ve started poll testing alternates immediately after the debate.

    They should've done that after he got elected! Ppl campaign for president 2 years before the actually election. How is everyone thinking 4 months is enough?!

  • George Clooney Calls On Biden to End Campaign: ‘This Is About Age’
  • No it could not. Swing voters are not voting for Kamala Harris. In a country where you start campaigning 2 years out for president 4 months is not enough.

    Biden has won the primaries, he's not stepping down. This is what America wanted. We have to deal with it

  • Actor George Clooney, a high-profile Biden supporter and fundraiser, asks president to leave race
  • He's still an actor. I rather listen to presidential historians, and political scientist. Just because he shells out money in a system that shouldn't allow it in the first place doesn't mean we should take serious anything he has to say

  • Jon Stewart’s ‘told you so’ about Biden was the scolding we needed
  • Or how about listen to your voter base? Biden was looked at as a stand in after his first win. Ppl were not happy to vote for him twice. The DNC had 4 years to look for a viable replacement. Instead of acting like they can decide for us the DNC should of exercised potential replacements. It's what got us Hilary even though she was wildly unpopular and clearly democrats learned fuck all since her campaign.

    The DNC think they're king makers in a democracy they claim they want to preserve. And yes I'm voting for anyone over Trump but the DNC should've not pushed their pick and let the primaries play out like the democracy its suppose to be