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This would get me to actually watch a remake
  • There used to be a Lego plant a couple towns over when I was a kid, employed a lot of people before it closed. It was always funny talking to kids that's parents worked there because they acted like they were in the CIA. I guess they all had to sign NDAs, so they were extremely tight lipped about their jobs.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure Lego is the only company that has actually achieved 6 sigma... probably before it ever even became a thing.

  • Farmers in Africa say their soil is dying and chemical fertilizers are in part to blame
  • I think they meant like around population centers to supplant regular food. But I don't know where that would actually be...

    My crazy idea is Suburbia has a lot of lawn, and my dad showed me a garden can feed a family more than I would have thought. But who has time to do that? So you nake a law that you forfeit sections of your land, not x feet near your house if they have no existing agricultural or industrial activity for open planting, until at least the next season. Maintained lawns wouldn't exist unless you were somewhere sufficiently rural.

  • Kamala Harris is running as the prosecutor taking on Trump
  • I have a coworker who is in her 50s, very liberal hippie type. Walk past her cube and see her listening to Joe Rogan podcast, ask her what that is about? Maybe I missed some really important interview he got or something. Nope she just said she listens to it everyday, because he asks good questions.

    I walked away baffled, questioning the existence of the universe and life itself...

  • Jesus take the wheel
  • There is a rotary in the next state over that have stop signs in the middle, and yields in the entry... think about that. It used to be one of the top 10 most dangerous rotaries in the world, probably still is.

  • How is it possible that praline pecans have less calories than regular pecans?

    Google and various websites says 28g of pecans is between 185 and 195 calories, how in the world are praline pecans much less calories?


    What happens if I never activate Windows?

    I am going to eventually use Linux (although need help with a good option for gaming and video library use), but I was curious how long I could use Windows unregistered for? What are the limitations of it not registered?


    What do I need to trouble shoot second hand desktop computer? And how?


    I traded my cousin some really expensive RAM that I happened accross for his old desktop, that he put his graphics card into that he swapped from his newer computer. If I plug the desktop into the wall and try to turn it on nothing happens. If I open it up I can see that the where the wire from the power supply plugs into the graphics card there Is a little light on. So clearly some power is getting somewhere...

    How do I go about trouble shooting this, and what tools do I need? I assume at minimum a multi meter? Not really sure what to do, it's been decades the last time I built a computer.

    Board says "Asrock H110M-HDS"

    Edit: Attached a Pic and noticed the light is actually on the graphics card, not motherboard. Added addtl info.

    Update: So now all of the sudden the fan spins. I am at a loss as to why it spins now, as I haven't actually really done anything. I ordered a speaker for the mobo, so waiting for that.

    Final update: It works! I apparently had either a bad monitor or bad display port cable. But using another monitor with DVI I was able to finally get it to fully boot!

    I am not sure what got the fans to eventually work, maybe just a cable was jostled.

    I really appreciate all the advice! I definitely know a lot more and feel better equipped to do things with it now.


    Looking for friends to play with

    Looking for friends to add who use a mic. Sick of playing solo or getting teamed up with people who can't or won't talk.

    If this belongs elsewhere, let me know where to post.

    6 Vladimir Putin set to transfer Sergei Shoigu from Russian defence ministry

    Sergei Shoigu, a long-standing ally of the president, has played a key role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    Vladimir Putin set to transfer Sergei Shoigu from Russian defence ministry

    Remember when the body washes contained literal micro plastics and were advertised as such?

    United States | News & Politics Corkyskog LAPD fires riot munitions, makes mass arrests at USC pro-Palestine protest

    As Israel’s genocide against Palestine continues to escalate, students from universities across the United States are leading campus protests en masse and demanding their respective schools divest from corporations and institutions linked to Israel’s...

    LAPD fires riot munitions, makes mass arrests at USC pro-Palestine protest
    United States | News & Politics Corkyskog Emory community ‘ashamed’ after police detain students at pro-Palestine encampment | The Emory Wheel

    A young woman cried into a cell phone camera as a police officer dragged her off of Emory University’s Quadrangle around 10:15 a.m. this morning, stating her birthday and her mother’s phone number. Ten minutes later, a young man yelled as another officer walked him off the Quad in handcuffs, shoutin...

    Emory community ‘ashamed’ after police detain students at pro-Palestine encampment | The Emory Wheel
    United States | News & Politics Corkyskog Texas deploys mounted police as pro-Palestinian student protests spread

    Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Texas were in a tense standoff with mounted state troopers Wednesday, the latest in a series of confrontations rocking campuses across the United States.More than 130 people were arrested at a pro-Palestinian protest at New York University ...

    Texas deploys mounted police as pro-Palestinian student protests spread

    Who decides when the US goes to "war"

    I know Congress needs to be involved to actually declare war, but there have been a number of times where something was kicked off by presidential authority alone.

    If Biden wanted to, could he start a conflict against Russia without congressional approval. If not, what approval would he need? If so, what would be the theoretical limitations to his power and military authority?

    I am already assuming people would want some definition of what "conflict" would mean in this hypothetical scenario. So let's say it means Biden authorized US troops at the Ukrainian border and had them launching shells into Russia.


    Andy Harris calls Code Pink activist a terrorist


    What's the vaporization temperature of mouse urine?

    Let's say I hypothetically had some mice pee in some plastic components that cannot be properly cleaned in any realistic way. Is it possible to heat it up to "cook off" the mouse pee nastiness without actually melting the plastic?


    Everyone should be a cop

    It's simple math.


    Does mucus have calories?

    There must be some caloric input required to produce mucus, however my question is what happens when you swallow your own mucus vs spitting. Do you retain calories by swallowing mucus?


    Are we absolutely positive that Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe aren't the same person?

    Celebrity theories?


    How fast can you theoretically run on the moon?

    How fast could the average person whose in peak physical shape run on the moon, without the limits of current technology? I mean suit, but like a wetsuit with only a small helmet, and athletic shoes.


    Ancient Mysteries Explained: Coleslaw


    how to find notes, Journals, spellbooks, Grimoires, etc. from those with mental issues

    I guess my title kind of puts it all out there. I am looking to collect spellbooks, Journals and the likes from those who are insane, or have mental health issues. What's the easiest way to purchase them, and how do you even find them?

    Fame or notoriety do not matter to me. I am just looking for scripts/texts written by neural atypical people that are related to the occult..

    At first I thought estate sales would be a good way to find this... but heirs tend to destroy/hide or sell that stuff on the secondary market as to not taint the value of the other property.

    Edit: I wondering if some internet archiving could help find threads to look for.


    Why does juicy juice not have sediment, and exactly how do they do it?

    Juicy Juice among other brands touts "100% juice" however if you leave it undisturbed for months on the shelf it never seems to develop any sediment. How can they be 100% juice and not have any solids? What exact process are they using to remove all the sediment and or perfectly homogenize the liquid? You will notice other shelf stable 100% juice brands tend to have a sediment, how do the large brands get around that, while still being pure juice? Is there an FDA definition of "Juice"?

    Sorry, this seemed to turn into many questions.


    how come links won't open in browser anymore

    For whatever reason about a week ago, the Jerboa app stopped opening links. It used to open up in Chrome, but now it just opens Chrome to the last page I was on and doesn't load the link.

    I am not sure what to do, I don't even want it to use Chrome as the default browser launcher, but I see no place to change it. Anyone know how I can fix this?