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Body-cam video shows Illinois officer fatally shooting Black woman in face
  • This woman was in no condition to use a gun. I don't know if she had a health/mental issue, or if she was high as hell, but she was nowhere around coherent. That ex cop deserves everything he's about to get. They should have requested EMS 60 seconds in to speaking with her.

  • Doomsday
  • China seemed to have continued using the banned cfc's. Chemical tracing satellites have picked up heavy concentrations over a couple areas there about 5 years ago.

    After being called out on it, they did put a stop to it. They claim they were from illegal factories.

  • Let's blame the dev who pressed "Deploy"
  • If you don't test an update before you push it out, you fucked up. Simple as that. The person or persons who decided to send that update out untested, absolutely fucked up. They not only pushed it out untested, they didn't even roll it out in offset times from one region to the next or anything. They just went full ham. Absolutely an idiot move.

  • Mystery oxygen source discovered on the sea floor — bewildering scientists
  • Also casts doubt on markers discovered showing possible life on other planets. We missed a source of oxygen creation on our own planet. Who's to say there aren't other ways that both methane and carbon dioxide are present on other planets.

    (I'm certain there's life on other planets. This just makes it less likely that a planets with all the signs is one of those planets)

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • I'd love for him to be the vp running mate, and I love Bernie, but he's the exact same age as Biden. He's still sharp and awesome, but you can't expect one 81 year old to have to quit, while putting in another 81 year old and think there's a chance of him winning.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • As to that 2028 topic....If Harris wins, it pushes all of them all the way back to 2032. Many of those hopefulf may like their odds right now, as opposed to 8 years later, unless those same people are confident Harris will lose against Trump.

  • Plan to end exorbitant ‘surprise’ ambulance bills heads to Congress
  • Between the medic and the emt on an ALS ambulance, they're making a total of like $45 an hour. So with employment insurance and all the other stuff it costs an ambulance company like $75 and hour. Over a 12 hour shift you can expect they may run an average of like 4 calls (major spitballing. This varies a ton by location).

    But just one ambulance ride at $1,000, which is fairly average for a lower priority ambulance ride would more than cover the $900 in payroll expenses. Supplies, gas, maintenance, depreciation, etc would be way more than covered by a 2nd call. Everything else is just profit.

  • Michigan’s “Fair and Reasonable” Reforms Allowed Car Insurers to Charge More in Black Neighborhoods
  • Insurance companies are legally locked in to having to pay out 85% of what they bring in back out to their customers, and they try to just barely hit that mark every single year. If you've ever gotten a little "customer appreciation" check mailed back to you from your insurer that 85% law is the real reason. It means they didn't pay out quite enough.

    So that being said, insurance companies charge higher rates in areas where the most claims happen. They aren't making more money when they do this. They're still capped at making their 15%.

    So for an insurance company there's three options.

    -Charge everyone everywhere the same, so people in low claim areas are forced to pay higher prices, which means they'll try getting insurance elsewhere.

    • Charge more in areas where claims payouts are highest. Which seems like it would be fair.

    -Stop offering insurance at all in areas with higher risk. Which means that people living in certain places may end up not being able to find an insurer.

    The article is trying to present this as a race issue, and that's just total bullshit. It's just based on likelihood of cars to get damaged in the area you live at. No one here who's been to Detroit will argue that your car is just as safe there as it is everywhere else. The crime, and poor driving habits, and likelihood of a person walking out in front of your vehicle are all higher than elsewhere.

  • Gaming ColeSloth

    Stardew Valley is just spot on.


    1TB OLED left touch pad has issues clicking down.

    Just curious if anyone else has had issues with their track pads on the OLED models.

    My left side touch pad doesn't "depress" down at all in the middle, and requires much more force around the sides to depress down and "click". If you go by the haptic pressure measurement, the right side will click at around 3,000 anywhere on the pad,, but the left side takes about 10,000 around the edges and never does in the middle.

    Mechanic Advice ColeSloth

    06 tribute manual transmission clutch hard to press.

    All of a sudden my clutch went from totally normal to very hard to press down. It's now been this way for quite a long time. It's a hydraulic clutch (clutch was replaced by a shop a few months prior to the issue, but me and the shop....did not get along.) in an 06 tribute with a 4 cylinder motor.

    Looking for what I'll need done in order to not have to break my leg to shift the thing. Thanks.

    I figure it's something the shop didn't do correctly, as it was supposed to have new flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing but there's no way to verify they replaced it all or did it correctly and the problem started suddenly about 3 months later.