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Nothing CMF Phone 1 review
  • Honestly if they made an accessory that turned that little knob into a fidget spinner of kinds I would 100% pony up for it. As it stands now I can see myself screwing and unscrewing that thing and then losing it somewhere

  • Pity, really.
  • Ha I was actually just thinking that we need to teach them as I was reading this. We had to go through a shit ton of trial and error. God forbid if he started with something like LimeWire. Viruses... Viruses everywhere

  • "hehe" part 2
  • I returned an item through AliExpress before. The store tried to cut in and deny my request but I guess they were too late and my money was returned anyway. It's kind of crazy that they can do that though

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • Despite the huge advancements lately it's just still not as good for gaming. I have very limited time I don't want to waste it negotiating settings and forget games that use anti cheat. It's really a shame because for anything and everything else Tux wins

  • Fewer extras on physical releases?

    What happened to physical releases? Especially in 4k. It used to be there were all sorts of behind the scenes and commentary and hidden junk. Now it all feels so bare bones.

    My most recent disappointment was The Crow 4k. I was hyped to get my steel book in the mail only to have to sit through 14 pages of copyright and piracy warnings, no main menu music at all just a static image and some behind the scenes stuff that was all the same stuff on loop. It was a pretty big letdown. I've had better experiences with pirated DVDs bought at swap meets


    Why does every cafe around me have acidic espresso?

    It's like an epidemic. I've tried like 4-5 cafes now and it's all like drinking battery acid. Do they just not care? Or do you think they believe it's meant to be like this? If that's the case I feel bad for them.


    Linux Mint Mate

    Is there a way to normalize system tray icon sizes? Currently they just look awful on my work machine and growing or shrinking the panel just makes the disparity worse.


    [BUG] Duplicate text ghosting on scroll.

    The space beteen posts has some text duplication with ghosting. Reproducable in cards and cards 2.0


    [Feature Request] Click to close images option.

    Currently when you open an image the only option is to swipe it away. I assume this is because of the voting options ect. But I feel like a tap to dismiss would be a great option