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As a reminder...
  • Hamas launched a bunch of rockets from Gaza in a surprise attack on a holy day and then put ground fores in. This attack killed at least 100 Israeli civilians (Israel is also claiming near 1000 more injured) and has captured more.

    Israel is of course going to retaliate and try and destroy the sites (surrounded by civilians since Hamas is known to try and use sensitive civilian locations as shields) and probably occupy Gaza in an effort to keep these rocket attacks from happening. Which will cause more Palestinian casualties, thus the cycle continues.

  • Starbucks ordered to pay extra $2.7M to employee who said she was fired for being white
  • Not a conservative, and I've heard people in person argue that racism requires you to hold power, ergo you can't be racist against white people, since they've got all the power.

    Is it everyone on the left that believes it, obviously not. But there is a very loud segment that does.

  • Revealed: neo-Nazi active club counts several of US military as members | California
  • I think he means that they're only 'active' because they're in detention, but they're not 'active' in the sense that we normally think of it as in actively serving in a role.

    Sort of like saying that residents of a town are gang affiliated when they're only there because that's where the prison is located.

  • Fuck SUVs in particular.
  • It's because EPA under Obama changed emissions regulations from average across vehicles sold to tables by wheelbase (in order to try and tighten mpg on larger vehicles instead of sedans just getting better to average it out). So now, as MPG requirements go up, they just build bigger cars to bump into the next size instead of hitting MPG targets for the current size. This is also partly why there's few sedan models and everyone has just moved to crossovers.

    Every potential regulation/deregulation has unintended consequences that should be explored to figure out if the consequences may be worse than current. Instead everyone just does it by throwing darts and assuming everyone will just go along with the intent. When that doesn't work, they go about blaming the other side for loopholes before repeating the process to try and close those loopholes up.

  • A new trend in tipping emerges
  • Except a tip isn't a contractual transaction, so there's nothing illegal happening. They just left a clickbaity political flyer. There's no difference between leaving this and leaving Chick Tracts, other than this one makes you double take before throwing it out.

    If they tried to pay for the meal with it, there'd be a legal problem since they're trying to pass it off as money.

  • A new trend in tipping emerges
  • If they knowingly pass a counterfeit bill, yes.

    But this is a tip, not a payment so there's no agreed upon amount that is supposed to be left.

    Also, this isn't a counterfeit bill, since it's easily distinguishable from legal currency.

    Is leaving a clickbaity political flyer in place of a tip a scummy thing to do? Absolutely. But it's not illegal.

  • The fake libertarian starterpack
  • It depends on who you ask. 10 years ago, it was mostly classical liberals that defected from the Republicans after the GOP started focusing their messaging on rallying evangelicals. Within the last couple election cycles, which IIRC is right around when they got close to having good enough poll numbers to get in a debate, the loudest group in it became ANCAPs who fight with each other about who's actually extreme enough to earn the libertarian title.

  • A new trend in tipping emerges
  • For the "bill" itself, we can't see the other side, but there's enough differences that you wouldn't mistake it for real currency at more than a glance. Fake bills for movie/tv sets look far closer to real bills (basically with obviously fake serial numbers and "for movie use only" stamped on it.

    For leaving it as a tip, it's not being used to satisfy a payment. While tipping is expected, it's not required and there's not an agreed upon amount between the parties. So they're just leaving a scummy flyer behind. Not any different than the people that 'tip' with Chick Tracts. If they were to use it to try and pay the bill, it'd be illegal.

  • A new trend in tipping emerges
  • Maybe, but also only if it's trying to be used as cash. Trying to pay for groceries, meal, depositing it at a bank, etc. would be an issue. Leaving it as a tip, while a scummy thing to do, isn't on the same ballpark since it's not an agreed upon transaction (i.e. no price for a tip is agreed upon by the parties), and you'd have to prove intent to pass it off as cash and not just a flyer/pamphlet.

  • Chuck Schumer moves to declassify UFO secrets like JFK records
  • Even if there's no alien technology, reports will show capabilities and limitations of US radars and other methods of detecting foreign objects. And there's likely stuff about US experimental craft in there as well. Even if outdated, that's something that the DOD isn't going to want out there.

  • What is a good situation to use a tankless water heater?
  • The tankless heater should have a map in the specs divided into zones by average water temperature. There'll then be a table that references the zones and what size you need for what you expect to heat at the same time.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • You could use a nail set so you're not denting up the drywall.

    I'd also recommend using a screw to actually hold the drywall in place, since that nail is just going to work out again. But if the nail isn't out enough to easily grab without denting up the drywall, using a nail set to drive the nail back below the drywall will do less damage than other methods.