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Trump VP Hopeful Declares, ‘Under Joe Biden, We’re Actually Living Under a Dictatorship’
  • They do this literally all the time, not to normalize the idea, but to desensitize you to the accusation. That way, when they do something that is actually fascist, like calling up the Kansas National Guard under the Insurrection Act to go door-kicking in Chicago for illegal immigrants, your brain enters a thought-terminating state of "nothing-burger, both sides, etc."

    Example, they liked to use the word "insurrection" a lot about anything Democrats did following J6.

  • ‘Will I ever retire?’: millennials wonder what’s on the other side of middle age
  • This is kind of where I'm at. I don't imagine any amount of cash in a bank account is going to prepare us for what's to come. Even if you could put money aside, the money you typically put towards retirement might just be better off towards becoming a doomsday prepper. Probably wouldn't save you either way, but it may buy you a little time that you wouldn't have otherwise.

    Like others have said, I imagine my "retirement" as bearing witness to the collapse of modern society and ultimately dying in some lousy brawl with other desperate refugees, or by some untreated bacterial infection.

  • Trump’s mass purge of state department likely to sow chaos, US diplomats say
    1. That's why they reference the Insurrection Act. Whether the current situation meets the criteria laid out does not matter to them.
    2. It should be obvious by now that words on the books do not stop fascists. They intend to stack public institution far and deep with party loyalists so that nobody can say "no" to their will...legally, anyway.
  • Israel white phosphorous attacks on Lebanon harming people and ecosystem
  • No, they absolutely used it as a ground-attack incendiary and have admitted as such. They were not flushed out by being illuminated, they were flushed out with choking smoke and burning shit raining down on their positions.

    Even if they did only use illumination flares, there are considerations against using them in civilian areas in ways that can start fires or otherwise cause injury to civilians.

    The legal issue is moot because the US was not an adherent to these laws until 2009.

  • Israel white phosphorous attacks on Lebanon harming people and ecosystem
  • The US used the same weapons in Fallujah and likely elsewhere. They called it "shake and bake" when they first fired WP artillery to draw enemy fighters out, then followed up with conventional artillery to kill them.

    Nobody can hold the US accountable, so they're not going to hold their rabid dog accountable either.

  • Washington man arrested after fatally shooting teen who had BB gun
  • I could be considered a gun nut myself but I will not pretend that this behavior is some abnormal outlier. There are plenty, plenty of American gun owners who think like this man does, they just haven't had the opportunity for their malformed amygdala to get someone killed.

    You mention Rittenhouse but he's a gun culture hero. Zimmerman and the like, all heroes. People who get to use their gun to lay down the law like the Earp posse are generally seen as heroes when they don't completely fuck up like this guy, they're not shunned as short-sighted and reckless.

  • the new american dream
  • Even back then, once the public support died down a bit they just had the NYPD bulldoze the whole thing. Since then the police have only gotten more brazenly violent against protests that are not in the establishment's interests.

    Shit will get "wild" when instead of picket signs and bullhorns, people start bringing rifles and pipe bombs. Otherwise the outcome of any meaningful protest will be the same no matter how many people show up: an unforgiving police crackdown.

  • "Socialism is when LGBT folk are given human rights"
  • "Fiscal conservatives" like the system of degenerate kleptocracy that dismantled the holdings of the Soviet Union and created some of the wealthiest oligarchs on earth. The rest see kinship with Russia in their dismal views on LGBT/sexual liberation, women's rights, people of color, and the use of violence to pursue goals.