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As advertised
  • Vore.

  • Since America is bringing back kings what other kind of stuff is on your medieval wishlist?
  • To be fair, quacks that claim to be able to do magical stuff are still around, some do quite well well for themselves even

  • Have rock
  • I mean, you can't really say that we're going to drive ourselves to extinction, until we've been driven to extinction. Most things people list as likely to do this, climate change, nuclear war, are things that could conceivably do so, but honestly aren't likely to. Destroy civilization maybe, but that just takes disrupting supply lines hard enough. Extinction means nobody, anywhere on the planet survives, even if it's some little pocket of people in some corner of the world whose climate is good after warming is considered and which isn't a target of any nuclear arsenals, because in a number of generations such a little pocket can grow to repopulate the planet again. It's not an impossible thing for sure, but killing off a species capable of surviving in almost any climate zone found on the planet, with the ability to manipulate the growth of it's own food supply, and adapt new tools actively in response to problems within a single generation, is a difficult task.

  • Lawmakers want to know why there are fewer LGBTQ+ homeowners than straight: 'Concerning disparities'
  • bad title, the actual article is talking about the percentage of each that own homes, not expecting half of all homes to be owned by LGBTQ people

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • the literary equivalent of:

  • To serve his country, Donald Trump should leave the race | Editorial Board
  • Tbh he could probably make plenty as a conservative media personality of some kind. Start some webshow and sell tacky branded garbage and fake health supplements to his supporters or something like that

  • rule
  • the original undermines its own message: they are lifting it, even if barely and with difficulty, which implies that those characters are within an order of magnitude or so of literal divine power.

  • A ruleussy most profound
  • something something grapefruit technique

  • Biden resists allies’ calls to exit race after debate performance: ‘I know I’m not a young man’
  • "just change the system" is easier said than done, which I suspect you realize of course, since if it were so easy, you'd have changed it yourself already. The difficulty in such change is that it requires a very large number of people to act in unison, which is quite rare, especially when most people aren't literally starving, and have different ideas over what they want the system to be, some of which might be better, but some of which might be as bad or worse. It's a bit like how libertarian types sometimes remark that, if everyone stopped paying taxes, the government would run out of money and be unable to enforce them anymore: technically true, but requires humans to act with uncharacteristic unity towards a singular goal, against pushback from established power. Not to say that it never happens, but it does not seem to happen reliably or in a way that can be readily forced to occur.

  • Biden resists allies’ calls to exit race after debate performance: ‘I know I’m not a young man’
  • I mean, the greater evil would presumably have gotten us worse. And in a system that is set up so as to inevitably produce two viable parties, and where "good" is not on the ballot from either, what else do you expect people to do?

  • Undecided voters say they now support Joe Biden after debate
  • tbf, arent those border policies somewhat popular among some latino voters? Im not defending those policies as they dont align with my own views on the topic, but theres plenty of room for people that managed to get through the immigration system legally to look down of people who havent, or for people born in the country to dislike migration even if their ancestors did it, or for people that want to "pull up the ladder behind them" so to speak. Biden couldnt exactly expect Trump's border policies to automatically win him that demographic either way.

  • Conservative US lawmakers are pushing for an end to no-fault divorce
  • Why does it need to be a formal contract? People can engage in relationships without the law being involved. I tend to think we should disentangle marriage and law, have some paperwork one can fill out for the legal affairs like hospital visitation and such that can be changed without the same degree of court proceeding, and have the religious or cultural ritual as just a ritual people can but are not obligated to hold if they feel like with no legal meaning to it.

  • Mini Ontos
  • Could one hypothetically make a single shot gun as as cheap and simple as possible so as to be disposable, mount it by some kind of claw grabber type device that can adjust pressure, and then loosen the grip until it's just barely being held in place before firing, so that instead of the recoil force transferring into the drone, it just yeets the gun out of the drone's grip instead? Could have a drone with multiple grippers in order to have multiple shots before needing to be reloaded.

  • Russian Mavic is knocked out of the air by a Ukrainian Mavic armed with a stick.
  • "sticks and stones may break my bones drones..."

  • Anon visits gamestop
  • KSP2... oof

  • What do you think the Great Filter is?
  • My suspicion is that it's abiogenesis, but it's only a suspicion that I can't have any certainty of

  • We are a failed species
  • to be perfectly honest, Ive not had sunny d since I was in like, kindergarten, so I dont really recall what its like much beyond that its orange flavored.

  • He do
  • I dont think I could live like these people even if I had the money; I feel like I hate the idea of having people whos relationship is purely professional going around in my space to clean things, but trying to clean all that space by oneself without hiring people to help sounds like a lot of bother.

  • We are a failed species
  • I dont drink alcohol myself, but isnt there some kind of drink, like the kind they mix up at bars, not sure the term for those kinds, that is just orange juice mixed with vodka? I must imagine this is intended to be similar but premade.

  • How might I go about either rotating one mirrored display but not the other, or setting up a second display such that the mouse does not move over the edge and must be switched with a hotkey or such?

    I know this seems like two unrelated questions, so let me explain why I would like to do one of these two things: I recently got a drawing pen tablet with a display, which works fine, except that I am left handed, and my wrist keeps hitting the side buttons. The driver allows me to flip the pen inputs, but not the actual display, it just works as a regular monitor in that regard and relies on the windows settings (windows 11 in my case).

    Now, I can flip it if I set it to extend my main monitor, however, I would like to be able to see what I am doing on either monitor, so I would prefer it to mirror my main monitor, just rotated 180 degrees. Some googling suggests that windows does not allow you to do this, except for a glitch involving changing the settings to extend and then back to duplicate, which I cannot manage to achieve. Does anyone know any workaround, or some extra software or such, that would allow me to do this?

    Alternatively, if this cannot be done by any means, I would rather not use the extend function as is as I also often play games where moving the mouse to the edge of the screen moves the map around, and so would rather my mouse stay at an edge when reached instead of moving to the next monitor, ideally with some sort of hotkey to toggle what monitor the mouse is on. Is there a way I might achieve something like this?

    EDIT: turns out this was all unnecessary, because the tablet itself has an option to do this rotation, its just in a part of the on-board display settings I didnt see before, isnt accessible from the driver UI that Ive seen, and wasnt mentioned on the tutorials that I found on the manufacturer's site that suggested windows had be used to control that rotation. Thanks anyways to everyone that tried to help me while I spent hours searching for a workaround needlessly.


    Starting another savefile after a few months away from spore, new creature at the end of creature stage. Decided to try making an eyeless creature for once as I dont use the ears enough.

    All the spines and frills are supposed to be for sensing vibrations to help it not need eyes. Supposedly a herbivore, but not really since I just kept both cells mouths all the way through. Kept some cell movement as well, never realized before that the flagella makes a neat rat-like tail in creature stage if you make it large.


    A 3d printer is basically just a really fancy hot glue gun

    Specifically the type of printer that prints using spools of plastic filament, but that seems like the most common type anyway


    We're probably pretty fortunate that humans have at least some degree of self control over when we stop eating.

    Like, I just was thinking about how lots of pet species will just eat as much food as you give them to the point of making themselves sick, and keeping them at a healthy weight requires not giving them access to too much food. Obviously some humans have problems with this, but imagine how bad things would be if everyone were basically psychologically incapable of not eating food when we had access to it even when we'd had enough, given our dramatically higher access to food due to agriculture.


    [EU4] Great Britian just demanded the worst looking bordergore I have ever seen an AI intentionally make in a peace treaty, in any paradox game

    They literally took the gold provinces- all the gold provinces that have generated in south america this run as far as I can find, and nothing else. Kinda looks like open wounds or something else gross with that combination of map colors.


    Thought Id show off something I made a few years ago as I was looking at it again, my favorite creation Ive made in this game. The wheels, meant to be centrifuges for gravity, actually counter-rotate.

    Name isnt anything too creative, its just called the "Slowboat Hauler", but it isnt supposed to be anything too fancy, just the space-fairing version of a bulk cargo freighter, designed by a species that at the time would have thought ftl travel impossible, needing its ships to take the slow way round. The big disk up front is supposed to be a shield to take the impacts of space dust and gas at extreme velocities.


    New to this game, and recently finished my first little factory to have a proper building and a little bit of decoration instead of just being haphazardly placed temporary structures.

    This little iron refinery probably isnt much to look at for experienced players, but Im pretty proud of it. has 2 miners on a pair of pure iron deposits behind the structure feeding into the 8 smelters inside, divided into 2 different output locations because the best conveyors I currently have can only handle half it's output. There is a small amount of clipping, but nothing super cheaty looking (the mergers that clip through the outside wall dont use the side that clips through, so I like to imagine the exterior bits of them as looking like some sort of ventilation ducts or something.


    My favorite thing to make in spore are "realistic" looking spaceships. This is one I made this morning, called the Flower of the Void.

    This is more meant to resemble some kind of early interplanetary spaceship rather than a true interstellar one, but considering you get your ftl drive by just finding one on a nearby planet, I figure this is the sort of tech level your species would realistically have, to start with.


    Creating this community cause Ive not yet seen anyone else make a spore community yet and I wanted there to be one

    Possibly not the ideal instance for this, but Id rather not deal with alt accounts and like how this instance has been run thus far. Plus, theres gotta be some other furries that play this game right? seeing as it lets you make creatures...


    Questions about how creating communities works, on pawb and lemmy in general.

    Not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I figured it was the closest fit.

    I've been thinking about creating one or possibly a few communities, mostly due to missing some that were on Reddit. Before creating any, I wanted to be sure of a few things:

    1. Do communities have to be created on the instance one logs in to (ie, does the fact my lemmy account is from pawb mean that communities I make have to be made here?) I kinda assume it would since going to another instance's page loads their site, which I obviously am not logged into, but given my second question I feel like I should ask if there's a way to make one elsewhere.
    2. Given pawb is a furry instance, do communities made here have to be furry related, or could one make, say, a community for some specific game for example that isn't explicitly a furry game?
    3. Would creating a fetish-related community for one that is popular with some furries be allowable, or should I go to a different instance for such things? I noticed one or two on pawb already but I was unsure if they got any special permission to be created or not.