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Ocasio-Cortez Loses the Democratic Socialists’ Endorsement Over Israel
  • Maybe not the best decision in the world.


    1. Many DSA folks (at least in my local branch) are not happy with many of national's decisions lately.

    2. Fuck you if you're looking down your nose at the DSA while the extent of your political involvement is only just voting every once in a while.

    This was a tactical misstep, sure. But my local DSA is still out there showing up for protests and strikes and unions. They're getting bills passed in through the city council and getting open socialists elected. If the DSA is the only leftist group near you and you let this blunder stop you from doing any real activism, you're guilty of the exact same purity testing bullshit.

  • I don't know and at this point I'm afraid to ask:
  • When you throw darts with the crossbow equipped, its special effect takes place. You just use the darts like you would any other throwing weapon. IIRC every shop should have at least a couple darts for sale.

  • Female-to-male rape, (how) does it happen without roofies?
    1. Rape does not always involve physically overpowering someone. Someone may coerce someone else into sex with blackmail, lies, threats, or abuse of a position of power.

    2. Erections are controlled by a person's autonomic nervous system. A man can get hard even when he is not turned on or consenting to what is happening.

    3. Not all rape involves a penis. A woman who sticks an object into a man without his consent is committing rape. Rape is about power and control over another person, and the rapist need not be directly stimulated for rape to occur.

  • Supreme Court rules for Starbucks, limits power of judges to protect fired union organizers
  • Getting involved in some local leftist groups has been the biggest infusion of hope in this respect for me. They've gotten two open socialists elected to nearby city councils (and are working on a 3rd!), run some successful salting / strike support campaigns, and are a growing problem for a local big business that I shan't name because things are ongoing.

    Talking to some of the older heads there, tons of recent events have been followed by waves of people signing up. The Bernie campaign, Trump's presidency, the George Floyd protests, the recent overturning of Roe. Every one of these has moved more and more people to action. I won't pretend to know if it's enough to make meaningful change on a national / global scale, but it's been good for my outlook on life to see it happen near me, especially in the American south.

  • Those were the days
  • Hear, hear! Bigger problems nowadays, but more control over my life to compensate.

    There's also something that's really calming about having more life experience? Like back in 2013 I was mortified at the prospect of getting bad grades. Missing assignments was the #1 source of stress in my life, and it was all-consuming at the time.

    Now? I know not only did that not matter, but that any given thing that stresses me out that badly has a good chance of ultimately not mattering in the same way.

  • “A ton of aggravating factors”: Legal experts weigh path to jail sentence for Trump
  • I would guess the logic behind going harder on repeat offenders is that they've already been punished once and didn't stop breaking the law, so we should punish them harder this time. Not sure that's super effective reasoning, but w/e.

  • Inmate hung a noose. Los Angeles County Jailers were too busy watching 'explicit video' to intervene, inspectors say
  • Yep. Prisoners and homeless people are there to remind you what happens if you stop making money for the boss man. Plenty of horrible, exhausting, unsafe jobs get away with paying dogshit wages because it's either that or being thrown into the maelstrom of human misery that is being incarcerated / unhoused. How many people would die of heat exhaustion in an Amazon warehouse if they knew their basic needs would still be met if they quit?

  • Full points for confidence
  • Physical therapists! I swear by physical therapy. I had sciatica for about a year, and after a few weeks of physical therapy, it was 100% gone.

    The doctor I went to before that said basically "lose weight and come back in 6 months". My first PT session, the therapist did some deep tissue thing to my lower back and (temporarily) made the pain go away almost completely. She was like "Yeah you have an injured muscle that tenses up weird now, do these exercises at home and it should clear up" and ended up being 100% right.

  • The before times