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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Review - Kill Them With Kindness - GameSpot
  • Go play Dark Souls and you’ll realize this is the easy mode. Also no, this is supposedly harder than the base game, which I look forward to. Overcoming challenge is far more satisfying than hitting an “I win” button.

  • I cannot stand how social interactions are valorized in media and advertising to make us feel wrong for being alone.
  • Sounds like you’re letting ads get to you and need to reduce that intake. Not always easy, but a pihole, ad blockers, and occasionally paying for a premium version of a service you use a lot can go a long way. What ads tell you to do or think is not what most people expect of you, its just corporate greed personified.

    I spent years going out by myself, and never got the impression anyone cared what I was doing. It’s freeing in a way. I’m on my own schedule, doing what I want when I want. If I decide I’m not enjoying myself I just leave. No big deal. It can be an opportunity to meet others sometimes, and other times I might sit at the bar and end up reading a book. If I go to a concert by myself I don’t need to worry about losing or finding my group, and it’s easier to find a spot with a good view. There’s just as many positives to going out alone as going out with a group.

    Finally, baseball tickets - what they probably meant is that your season tickets let you bring a friend with you for free. Some places do this because they’ll still get revenue from food and drink sales, but it’s pretty cool. I wish concerts or other venues did that.

  • Donald Trump gets to sidestep the consequences of his conviction. Most people with criminal records don’t
  • I’m making myself groan even saying this, but this is how you create a martyr. His unreasonable followers already have chosen their narrative but you kill him and that’s all they will remember and use as an excuse for whatever comes next.