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The Senate has a new plan to ban congressional stock trading. Here's what's in it.
  • Will take me some time to fully digest this but I do wonder if this is too far.

    Apply same trading rules as the private sector? Sure. Limit trades to broad market index funds only? Sure. No trading period? Um, okay, fine. No trades for any family members and sell off all shares? Like wow. Nuclear option. That would actually discourage me from running for Congress and I don't have $10k in investments (retirement funds aside).

    I take back what I said given that the bill excludes ETFs and mutual funds (not mentioned in the article). Also, after reading the article again I do think it's not strict enough. A fine for violations? So now we're back to making corruption a fee-based service. The penalty should be $1000 for each day the stock is held plus the absolute difference between the purchase and sale price (I don't want them to get the tax benefit either).

  • Need help to find OSTree-like project
  • Could've been something Fedora-ish but based on the GitHub I don't think that's it. The most distinct thing I remember is that it appeared abandoned but the author just didn't feel it needed any changes.

    I use like four different devices to browse and some have multiple browsers so checking history has been rough.

  • Need help to find OSTree-like project

    Couldn't find the project in my browser history or Lemmy saves. I'm pretty sure it was Lemmy though that led me to find a GitHub project similar to OSTree. It sounded like it was maintained by one person and it hasn't been updated in a long time because the author thought it was "done" and they used it frequently.

    It was a tool that let them basically create images that could be booted from and it was easy to layer software on top of a base image and I think there were config files similar to Containerfiles but didn't look the same. Don't think it be was "goldboot" either but that might be a little closer to what the project does. I don't think it was something Fedora specific either like bootc.

    Update: Found it! It was in the history of a laptop I rarely use (of course). The project is and it does appear to be those things I said: layered, docker-like, bare metal, and OS agnostic.

    Nancy Pelosi did what she’s always done
  • The number of people trading with insider information also isn't a deciding factor in whether it's illegal.

    Here's at least one case that's pretty clear cut I feel, so it does happen -

    If they're going to say this is a tough rule to follow they're already too far gone and as you said most would do better just buying SPY anyway.

  • Swearing around kids
  • I've been only semi-censoring myself with swearing although I didn't really swear that much before kids. I also don't take a hard line approach to my kids swearing. If my son says "Fuck" after banging his shin I'm like whatever. If he says it while playing a game I'll remind him that's not appropriate and he needs to take a break and calm down. I'd probably only dole out punishment if he repeatedly wasn't following my rules or cursed at me.

    In contrast I would've got one hell of a whooping from my dad if I let one slip. I still have the hardest time saying any swear words in front of him and I'm over 40. Conditioning your kids to fear you into adulthood is not a great strategy.

  • North Carolina approves party seeking to put RFK Jr. on the ballot, rejects effort for Cornel West
  • Except NC uses plurality voting. If you put two or more progressive candidates on the ballot that actually makes it harder for a progressive to win which is pretty backwards. They do this kind of stuff in primaries all the time: digging up another candidate that is very similar to an existing one, sometimes with the same name, to siphon off votes. The only silver lining here is that "Mr Vaccines Cause Autism" is more likely to take votes away from "Mr China Virus".

  • Endless loop when attempting login to GitLab

    I just pulled down the latest Firefox Dev Edition AppImage and still getting the same result. I try to login to GitLab and I get an endless loop of checking whether I'm human or not. I tried to turn off tracking protection for GitLab and Cloudflare and added both to accept all cookies. In the network tab it eventually shows 403s. Anyone else have this happen or know if I can disable any more safety/privacy features to get it working?


    How is Minecraft Dungeons?

    Been waiting for it to go on sale and figured my son might like it since he plays Minecraft a lot. Wondering if I gotta watch out for in-game purchases though (can I require password for purchases?) and online interactions (def don't want him chatting with others). It is seems pretty hack and slash but if a lot of reading is involved maybe he's too young for it (6 ½).

    Edit: Sorry, meant to say Dungeons, not Legends.


    Rolling my own immutable distro

    I've looked at a lot of other immutable distros and I might just end up using one of those, but I feel like taking on a bit of a challenge and there's a few things I'm not very keen on with existing solutions (last paragraph is my idea if you want to skip the context).

    Most immutable systems I've seen require a reboot in order to apply system changes. What is this, Windows? Yeah, reboots are quick but restoring my windows and getting back into my groove is not quick. Also, every immutable OS I've seen wants you to opt-in to a rollback. Rarely do I see the full effects of installing a package or altering a config immediately. By the time I notice an issue maybe it's too late to rollback to before the change or maybe I've done a few other things since and I don't want to rollback everything. I would much prefer to make "rolling forward" or persisting changes to be a very conscious process.

    I started messing with BTRFS and I think I've come up with a process that will get me what I want, no matter the distro. Please poke holes in my idea. So I think I can use BTRFS to hold data for the rootfs in three different subvolumes (at minimum): root-A, root-B, root-Z. root-Z is my golden image and it represents what I want root to look like after reboot. root-A and root-B are the active and passive instances of rootfs, but which one is active will flip-flop after every reboot. So if I boot with A, B gets replaced with the contents of Z. In the meantime I can do whatever I want with A. Not sure how I'll update Z (chroot or "promote" the active subvol to be Z) but without an update every reboot is an automatic rollback.



    Image composition node/library/checkpoint

    This stuff moves so fast I really can't keep up and a lot of the research posted here goes a bit over my head. I'm looking for something that doesn't seem too out of the question given things like CLIPSeg. Is there some tool or library out there that will accept an image and a prompt and then generate a mask within the image that generally corresponds to the prompt?

    For example, if I had a picture of an empty park and gave the prompt "little girl flying a kite" I should get back a mask vaguely in the shape of a child with a sort of blob mask in the sky for the kite. Of course from there I could use the mask to inpaint those things. I would really like to be able to layer an image kind of like Photoshop so it's not all-or-nothing and focus on one element at a time. I could do the masking manually but of course we all want fewer steps in our workflows.


    What's something you wish would "come back" but you feel like you're the only one that cares?

    Couple of things for me.

    One is tiny croutons. I don't see them anywhere anymore. They taste the same but it's kind of a pain sometimes to keep the big ones on your fork. The small ones were a little more satisfying to snack on too.

    Second is Blue Nehi. Never met anyone else that's tried or heard of it. Damn it was good though. Big Blue is kinda similar but those always taste under carbonated.


    Am I using devDependencies wrong or is everyone bad at explaining it?

    Official docs say it's for > Packages that are only needed for local development and testing.

    Umm, okay. Not 100% clear there. Some articles mention things like ESLint or Jest (k, I'm onboard there) but others mention Babel or WebPack. I get that you don't need WebPack libraries to be loaded in the browser but how the hell do you bundle up your code without it? When you use npm ci or npm install you'll get all dependencies but isn't it good practice (in a CICD environment) to use --omit=dev or --only=prod?


    I favorited some comments -- how the heck do I find them?

    Do I have to do some special search query? My favorites tab shows posts only.


    Did air travel get (gasp) easier?

    I just went through airport security and was quite surprised how easy it was (relatively speaking). Didn't have to go through a body scanner, didn't have to separate liquids, didn't have to take out my laptop, and my boarding pass wasn't even scanned. Did some rules change? Is their thoroughness related to terrorist threat levels?


    Long term solution to Roomba not charging?

    I've seen FAQs and troubleshooting pages that say clean the contacts with alcohol, and that works, but I seriously have to do that every time I run it. The only other thing that will work is jamming something under the Roomba to lean it onto the charging contacts. Is it a crappy base? Are there any diy tricks to give the base better contact?


    Anyone attempt a Switch battery replacement?

    My son dropped his Switch Lite in the toilet and the battery life seems worse than before. I'm thinking of doing the replacement myself but I'm curious how hard it is or if there are gotchas. I've replaced "non-replacable" batteries in phones before and I usually break some plastic tabs or (one time) pierce the battery. I'm totally fine taking it to a shop if it's moderate to hard.


    Is n-to-n sharing a bad idea?

    What I mean by n-to-n sharing is that I have all of my devices sharing the same folder with every other device. This has definitely been a bit of a pain to set up and manage (moreso because a few machines use Docker so they're basically double-NAT'd). My biggest concern is having conflicts out the wazoo and losing data. The most important thing to me is my KeePass vault.

    Title Gore BrianTheeBiscuiteer Harris: ‘Ridiculous’ to have to say slavery had no benefits

    Vice President Kamala Harris is doubling down on her rebuke of new Florida education guidelines that call for the teaching of how enslaved people benefited from slavery.  In an interview&…

    Harris: ‘Ridiculous’ to have to say slavery had no benefits

    I had to read like half the article to be sure she wasn't saying that slavery having no benefits is "ridiculous".


    GitHub Gist: SD model downloader

    Amidst all the SDXL stuff I'm sure this will get overlooked but I've been trying to share more of my gens and my code instead of keeping it all to myself.

    I made a downloader for models. Now that I'm posting it I do kinda of wonder how useful it is but at one point I thought it was a great idea. I suppose I didn't like the idea of not being able to wipe the installation and start fresh with minimal effort (or if I one day have a new main for SD stuff).

    Anyway, here it is as a Gist:


    Spoiler tag not working?

    Just tried using it for the first time. I wrote some text, highlighted it, then hit the spoiler button. What I saw was this:

    Don't show this

    pretty_women BrianTheeBiscuiteer

    Rosabell Laurenti Sellers


    5yo waking us up in the middle of the night

    When he was still in diapers but old enough to sleep in a normal bed we had a child lock on his door to keep him out of trouble. We took off the safety knob soon after he started using the potty (that was over a year ago). It didn't happen immediately but slowly and moreso over the last few weeks he's coming into our room at 10p, 12a, or even 3a. It's usually stuff like a "monster in the closet", "I'm out of water", "I can't find my stuffed animal", or "my music box turned off". Telling him things like "turn on your light and see what's there", "monsters don't exist", or "the bathroom is open and you can refill your cup" he'll eventually have the same problem and wake us up again.

    Is this just a phase he'll grow out of or is there a better way to help him solve more of these problems on his own?