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Vegans of Lemmy, would you eat lab-grown meat?
  • I don't think so, it doesn't sound very appealing. I'm very used to going without meat, and tofu satisfies me quite well, or seitan. Being vegan to me is getting away from the idea that you need a lump of something fleshy on your plate to be satisfied.

  • I did shave them.
  • Well yes, but in the modern day world I think a little kid should be able to play in the pool with other kids unencumbered. I actually hate hijabs and think they're oppressive AF.

  • You ever recover a lost memory?
  • I have an online journal that predates Facebook and other conventional social media, it's abandoned now but the account still sits there. It was the free therapy of the early aughts. Anyway I read it over recently; I consider myself a person with a really very good memory, I even have some memories from toddlerhood, but there's some serious trauma shit that I forgot about.

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    The Joel Rifkin?


    Julia Armfield, "The Great Awake". The Great Awake - The White Review

    When I was twenty-seven, my Sleep stepped out of me like a passenger from a train carriage, looked around my room for several seconds, then sat down in the chair beside my bed. This was before they became so familiar, the shadow-forms of Sleep in halls and kitchens, before the…

    The Great Awake - The White Review

    Eel slap. Eel slap!

    Ever wanted to slap someone in the face with an eel? Well, today is your lucky day.

    Eel slap!
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    Jooj them up.

    Microblog Memes BonesOfTheMoon

    I did shave them.

    Microblog Memes BonesOfTheMoon

    It would be nice.