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Why are many men growing beards again ?
  • It's completely presentable and you thinking it's not is your own opinion. Beards will always be a thing. They grow on our faces and we don't have control other than shaving. Idk about you but I am a man. My facial hair is coarse and I have sensitive skin. If I were to shave everyday like society wants me to I'd have razor burn and rashes all over my face. What's more acceptable some facial hair? Or open wounds on my face?

    Also beards went away for several reasons, Off the top of my head I can think of 2.

    1. WWII and gas masks. Facial hair was causing gas masks to have gaps and not work properly, which is when the military enacted their facial hair rules.

    2. JFK vs Nixon debates were aired on TV nationally. When this happened people liked the way JFK looked clean shaven because at the time even a 5 o'clock shadow would make you look "dirty". So the ceos and corporations adopted that and made it a work place standard.

    Beards are acceptable, beards are natural, and i find it's really only those who are jealous they can't grown one that have issues.

  • Four UCLA student journalists attacked by pro-Israel counterprotesters on campus
  • You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villian is such a real thing. We as a country progressed so far and made this country a place where EVERYONE wanted to live. Then all of a sudden nazis/racists everywhere the eye can see. Then the worst part, like you mentioned, is that they are so quick to claim victim and abuse when it suits them, but brown and black people asking for recognition/help totally unacceptable.

    What does it mean when the Jews themselves are the nazis? What does it mean when the group of people that the whole world has recognized as having extreme hardships that they went to literal war for it, now is trying their hand at the same playbook? They Israelis are 1 step away from gas chambering people and yet they don't recognize they deep seated flaws and hypocrisy.

  • We compared the finances of 30-year-olds now, to 30-year-olds 30 years ago
  • Man I have issues with this. Your intentions are right and think you're in the right mind set with trying to sympathize with people, but you own TWO homes and complaining about not having cash. Sell one, don't be a landlord and start investing your money into one property. It's silly to me that you are two people earning money, with two homes financed, one if which is generating extra income, and are talking like you're single struggling to even find a place to live when everywhere is priced out, all because theres people with multiple houses trying to make a living off of the backs of others. I guarantee someone would love to own a first home let alone a second. Sell your second house start living within your means.

    Of course I don't know you, you could be renting it out to a group of homeless aids riddled children, but something tells me that's not the case. There is something that doesn't add up with your situation in why your struggling so much and you should re check your finances and spending habits.

  • Which games that were reviewed poorly did you actually like?
  • I absolutely love games like this. Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit Become Human are all fantastic games that really push the boundaries of human emotions through story telling. The choices you make reflect back onto the character.
    The telltale games are like this as well, the walking dead game is a master piece in itself even if you don't like zombies. The batman games are great if you love the comics and really lets you feel like batman. The borderlands ones are OK, the first one is the only one I played, and ties into BL4. the second comes from a different studio and has so so reviews. Avoid the expanse... the most boring and out of touch game of them all and was really disappointed with the lack of actual story, it's all very streamlined with the choices more black and white vs shades of Grey.
    This leads me into the Dark Pictures anthology. I don't tend to like horror based games but the way these games tell stories are top notch and I believe the only ones you can play with another person, all of these games are phenomenal.
    Then theres the wolf among us, that game is amazing at turning a graphic novel based on fairytales into a emotion filled adventure.( The second should be coming out soon but I'm hoping they don't ruin it with MTX).
    Last but not least, the guardians of the galaxy game, while not exactly like these has a very similar conversation tool that some of your choices impact the story of the game, but the game play is more focused on fighting and solving puzzles versus just the story itself.
    If anyone else knows more games that I'm missing let me know

  • Nothing strange about a tornado in February in Wisconsin rule
  • I live in NY and was just thinking about how it used to snow once a week when I was a kid, that was 20 years ago. I watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy the other day and they were dealing with a Blizzard in Novemeber.
    I've barley had to put on a coat this year. Feels like I'm going crazy that it's already February and like you said there's been 1 real snow fall and it was gone within a couple days.

  • Far-right extremism is thriving in rural areas. Here's what it looks like in Upstate NY
  • I always think it's funny how these hypocratic douchbags will wear masks in public to prevent people from recognizing them but wont wear one to save their neighbors life.
    I also think it's funny how they claimed having military and police joining the groups that they know what they're doing, when these people spend their lives being told exactly what to do, how to do it, and what to think about it.
    Last note, looked this one up just to be double sure, how they got a guy with the name Mizrahi to join a white power hate group when that name has origins rooted Jewish and Israeli cultures is beyond me. How people can be convinced to go against their own best interest is beyond me.

  • Donald Trump arrested in Georgia
  • This is my first comment in the fediverse. I want to point out that I am a 6'4" man who at my heaviest was 245lbs and I did not look any where near as grotesque as this man. He's most definitely 250lbs+ possibly pushing 300lbs.