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Drunken driver who snapped photo going 141 mph before deadly collision imprisoned for 17 years
  • Anglophones do be loving their cars but the real problem is cyclists riding on pavements. Have you got any idea how dangerous that is? Only the other day I took a picture of my pumpkin spiced latte and caused a multiple pedestrian pile up.

  • UK General Election results megathread
  • The British were given the choice and voted against proportional representation. They deserve the duopoly and everything that flows from it e.g. terrible healthcare, the illegal war in Iraq, royals, pointless and expensive aircraft carriers. They chose to leave the only institution that is defending their basic freedoms. These bigoted Dunning Kruger morons cannot be told.

  • Anon goes to the doctor
  • I took a ten week course of testosterone at a slightly higher dose than therapeutic (something like 175mg in a weekly IM injection). The most surprising aspect was psychological. I was 40 but I felt like a teenager again. Even at this dose, muscle mass noticeably increased. Fortunately didn't lose my hair or suffer any long term problems resuming normal T production. That risk increases with dose and duration on steroids. It only makes sense to use it at either low dose or short duration.

  • Work from home
  • We have to call their bluff from time to time and remind the management that without us, none of their shit works. When we down tools its not like they can pick them up and get the show back on the road.

  • ACLU suspects warrantless surveillance in neo-Nazi’s prosecution
  • The silk road wasn't taken down by an acronym. It was a bunch of hypocritical bigots called the American bureaucracy. They talk a lot about freedom but when they see something that promotes freedom like Wikileaks, south American socialism or the silk road, they seek to shut it down, often violently.

    The people who believe that war criminals such as George Bush and Dick Cheney should be walking free and people like Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht should be locked up, these people are our enemy.

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • It's no bad thing per se. The amount of information increases and the original still exists. One of the joys of reading is that as you get better at it you can read more sophisticated texts. You won't need this weak sauce AI pap after a while.

  • EVs still have major quality problems, and it’s mostly about the software
  • We are locked into the big heavy vehicle paradigm. People have become so accustomed to moving around in a 2t vehicle they have forgotten about the alternatives. Lithium batteries are not a good fit for this type of vehicle and most of the time the use case is single occupant, where the bicycle is king of efficiency.

  • My Herpes

    My Hermes courier service knock off brand