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Frustrated by School Web Filters, One Teenager Created His Own.
  • I was in second grade when the school district started thinking about providing internet access for a few computers. You could just add a period at the end of a URL to get around the filters. No idea how or why it worked, but I told everyone. Those were the days.

  • Johnson warns of arrests over Netanyahu speech disruptions
  • Johnson sees protestors getting arrested. Johnson’s son gets an alert on his phone.

  • ‘I was not voting before, now I am’: gen Z voters on what they think of Kamala Harris
  • I’m incredibly suspicious of anyone who still calls themselves uncommitted. And I’m convinced that anyone who makes that claim is more likely to vote for Trump or to not vote at all than to ultimately vote for Harris. If someone is reasonable enough to end up voting for Harris in November, I highly doubt they’re genuinely undecided about it now.

    My best guess is that they’re just afraid to admit that they’ve already committed to Trump.

    If the choice isn’t clear as day, maybe they’re nocturnal.

  • Don’t Take Trump’s Word for It. Check the Data.
  • Yeah, I wish the New York Times would spend less money on opinion writers, fancy graphics, and word games, and more on journalism. Their opinion section has been wild lately.

    You’re right that facts won’t matter to Trump’s supporters, but I do think it’s still worth documenting all his lies for posterity. Somebody should do it, but it shouldn’t be in an opinion piece, and it doesn’t need the fanfare of a fancy animation, because like you said his lying and lack of accountability are part of why his followers like him, and pieces like this will fall on mostly deaf ears at this point.

  • Asthma folks: what is the lowest dose regimen you've done well by and what other things do you do to keep the Asthma-monkey off your back?
  • I actually just started Advair (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) a couple weeks ago, after decades of not wanting to deal with a maintenance inhaler. I was starting to need my rescue inhaler way too often so I went for it, and I’m surprised how awesome it’s been. It’s one puff of a weird-tasting powder twice a day, but I haven’t used my rescue inhaler a single time since I started it.

  • US Secret Service director admits it 'failed' in mission to protect Donald Trump
  • That's a totally fair point, and if she really doesn't step down now, it would make sense for her resignation to be expected after the election. But the leader of an agency like the Secret Service is not the one doing the day-to-day work of protection, they set the culture and make only the most critical high-level decisions. A big part of her job is simply to be accountable, and by not resigning she's further entrenching what was already a really shitty culture of misbehavior and law-breaking at the Secret Service.

  • What are good options for fans (tower, standing, etc.)
  • Thirding this. I went for two of their pricey all-metal tabletop fans. Definitely a luxury purchase, but they’re built like tanks with sleek retro styling. These things will last the rest of my life.

    They’re surprisingly quiet on low and medium, and sound pretty typical on high.

  • US Secret Service director admits it 'failed' in mission to protect Donald Trump
  • This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the Secret Services’ mission described as “zero-failure.” I’ve heard discussions of their work that go something like “most people have wiggle-room in their job. If you make a mistake, it’s usually no big deal, you fix it and move on. The Secret Service doesn’t have that option, when they fail people die.” I’m not sure I completely agree with that characterization, but going along with it for a moment, how can the director not resign? She failed at her zero-failure job. It doesn’t mean she’s personally responsible for the shooting, but she is absolutely responsible for the agency’s failure to stop it.

    Harris 2024! (phew that feels good to say)

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • I dunno, there are actually quite a few sensible and practical ideas in this thread, your thread, btw. Your post has elicited a good discussion, why throw shade on the people earnestly participating? If you actually want a contested convention, this thread is nothing compared to some of the wild shit that would go down in that scenario.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • Ideally, yeah, but think about the logistics of pulling something like that off. And would it be a full primary redo? Like fresh ballots sent out to all dems? Or do you mean a mini primary just with the existing delegates? Because we already voted in the Democratic primary election…

    I’m just really trying to be pragmatic about this, I can’t imagine a scenario where we pull this off and come out stronger. I would love to be wrong.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • Ugh. I agree that Kamala sucks, but I think it’d be a mistake to try to go with anyone else at this point. She has a pulse, a functional brain, lots of political experience, a long life ahead of her, and yeah, she’s made some terrible decisions and gaffs in her career, just like Joe Biden.

    I don’t like that she was a cop, but Joe Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary committee for like 100 years, and got us Clarence Thomas, so…nobody has the moral high ground here.

    We just need to win, and frankly I think if we try to go with someone new and untested, we’ll lose. We’ve been in a “lesser of two evils” situation for some time now.

  • The Lincoln Project: Trump Diapers
  • That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought about it as a strategic attack on the small people, you’re onto something. It’s frankly absurd that this is what we’ve come to.

  • Why does use the "ML" country code for Mali?
  • I had no idea about this, and I’ve been here for just over a year. Also, keep in mind which community this is.

  • Cant post when VPN is on.
  • Yeah I’ve been dealing with this issue since I came over from the other place last year. It’s incredibly annoying, and a number of times has made me rage-delete comments I’m trying to post. It happens to me every day, but I can usually find a server that works for a while by randomly switching a few times.

    I use ProtonVPN.

  • The Lincoln Project: Trump Diapers
  • I mean sure, it’s cute. And the video is worthy of like, a small smirk, but is this really what the Lincoln Project is up to these days? Seems like they could be using their money and influence more responsibly. It’s probably more valuable to at least try to change some peoples’ minds. I don’t see how spending money producing a sketch that wouldn’t even make it on SNL is worthwhile.

  • Embattled Bob Menendez tells allies he'll resign: report
  • Well if he doesn’t, Cory Booker, the other senator from New Jersey, has already said he’d lead the expulsion effort.

    Because that’s how someone who actually believes in the rule of law would behave.

  • Nvidia, Apple, and others allegedly trained AI using 173,000 YouTube videos — professional creators frustrated by latest AI training scandal: Report
  • Thank you for the thoughtful answer. This is so frustrating, and is very similar to other situations where megacorps decide that paying fines is cheaper than following the law.

    Another terrible byproduct of all this is the false incentive structure it sets up. Rather than investing in people who are capable of producing unique and creative products, it incentivizes people to make more quantity of shitty content rather than high quality stuff, and that will ultimately make the eventual consumer product that’s based on shitty stolen work, well, shitty.

  • Nvidia, Apple, and others allegedly trained AI using 173,000 YouTube videos — professional creators frustrated by latest AI training scandal: Report
  • Here’s what I don’t understand: these are the wealthiest corporations in the world. They literally have trillions of dollars at their disposal. Since they clearly believed there was value in the videos they stole, why could they not just ask the creators’ permission, and if they consent, pay them a fair fee for access? If they don’t consent, why not just hire a creative to make some more content for them to use? I mean, Apple owns a massive production studio for fucks sake. Tim Cook farts money, I don’t think a thousand dollar investment in a real person is going to break the bank. They could even order up a whole new show just to train the model.

    Instead, they piss off creatives by stealing their work. Just use your money for once. Invest in content. Everybody would be happier, they’d garner some trust, and nobody’s livelihood would be harmed.

    But no, instead they choose the most devious, underhanded, selfishly shitty way to conduct their business. Fuck these evilcorps.

  • JD Vance pick adds to European fears over Trump presidency
  • Fuck. This is worse than I thought. I also really don’t like that I’d never heard of it, so thank you.