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Are these pollen sacs? Because this plant has already trolled me with bobbles that then spat out white hairs. I'm still a noob
  • Looks like it, but it's been a good while since I've been around actual plants.

    Could be a hermaphrodite. I've had those and ended up having to cull them. Not only can they self-pollinate, they can pollinate any others you have too.

    It's been forever, though, so maybe someone else can confirm/deny my opinion.

  • How was your day, Lemmy? Because mine was mortifying!
  • No, I work remotely as do about 1/3 of my department. So they were either at their desks at home or the office. The vendors seemed to be setup similarly, so thankfully, wasn't on a big screen in a conference room. (whew!)

  • How was your day, Lemmy? Because mine was mortifying!

    I got stuck on a lunchtime video conference today with some people in my department and a vendor. I hate meetings at noon, but with timezones being a factor, it was the only available time the vendor could meet. Usually, I'm only on these for technical consultation, so I rarely need to speak other than to clarify a point or answer questions about our infrastructure. Those are usually toward the end of the meeting.

    That said, I just muted myself and ate at my desk because I was starving and would have plenty of time to eat a quick bite before it got to the point where I had to say anything.

    What I did not realize was that even though I was muted, my webcam was on. So 6 people I work with plus three vendors all watched me eat a bag of tacos, and no one said anything!

    Like, when I eat a taco with people around, I do eat it in a dignified way. Less so when I'm alone (or think I'm alone) and wolfing it down before I have to do something So, yeah, it was not a pretty sight.

    I'm still mortified, but at least I am laughing about it as I'm typing this out.

    I actually prefer Δ8 to smoking a joint
  • Yeah, I used to do the dry herb vapes. They were nice, but cleaning them was a chore. Never could afford a Volcano when I was still a regular smoker, but I inherited a dry herb pen vape from a buddy who upgraded. 10/10 would recommend (despite the cleaning required)

  • I actually prefer Δ8 to smoking a joint
  • It definitely does hit you the same as regular delta-9 THC does, just not as strong/intense and doesn't last as long. For me, that's the draw. For my regular weed-smoking friends, it's a common complaint.

    If you do decide to try it for pain relief, I'll warn you the distillate vapes are pretty harsh, so do little puffs. I like the gummies, myself, but they hit harder than the vapes (as with most THC edibles) and have to cut them into quarters to not get stupid high.

    I have terrible knees that ache constantly, and these do help (though so did CBD, just without the head change I also wanted).

    Please don't take this as medical advice, lol, just my own experience.

  • I actually prefer Δ8 to smoking a joint

    I get a lot of sass from my buddies when we're hanging out and they're passing a joint while I pass and prefer my Δ8 vape (or gummies).

    I used to be right there with them, often bogarting the hell out of it, but ever since I officially became old, I just don't enjoy getting "stupid" high anymore; I'm such a lightweight these days I can't even just take a small puff without it being more than I want. I'd much rather have a light head change and still be mostly clear headed.

    I'm not a square, just old and happy with my less intense buzz :)


    Every time I open up Lemmy lately. This might as well be my instance's URL

    I get it. It's a thing that's happening. It's terrible, and I feel for the victims.

    It's just that every 3rd comment no matter what sub I'm in is "Jenna's Side this, Jenna's Side that" and finger pointing and name calling.

    Sorry if this is too political. I'm just frustrated and want to log onto lemmy and have a good time.


    Al Jazeera could probably fire/replace its writers with LLMs, rebrand as AI Jazeera, and no one would immediately notice.

    I'm not dunking on their writers, just how Al and AI look the same in most fonts.


    Happy Valentimes

    you said it was quiet here so happy valentimes day.