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Assman The Assman

Asses to asses, butts to butts

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The 2010 "phone wars"
  • Order a poutine with white truffle aioli if you can. So damn good

    Love that classic duo: gravy and mayonnaise

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • He literally said "take the guns, then do process [sic]" years ago

  • Magic mirror
  • Oh you're fair alright, so fair you're completely transparent

  • Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • I think it's time to take your meds

  • Harris Sharpens Her Attacks on Trump
  • Don't trip over that bar on the floor

  • Heh
  • I agree with this dillsack

  • False Dichotomy Rule
  • Now I'm naked

  • Young people can't remember how much more wildlife there used to be
  • The outdoors used to be loud as fuck in summer with all the bugs and shit everywhere

  • Wait, not like that
  • They'll say "aw, Topsy" at my autopsy, but no one will be more shocked than me.

  • This is such a cool fact
  • Well duh, at nighttime when everyone is asleep

  • Turns out her job is pretty important
  • What if I told you the amusing edit is the entire point

  • Sneks
  • You try taking your shirt off without arms

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • We're talking about that movie where a man of below average intelligence goes to the future and saves the world by teaching them the value of education, right?

  • Blyatcart
  • When you can't decide between golfing and the batting cages

  • Wildlife Protections Take a Back Seat to SpaceX’s Ambitions
  • There's a mass extension event every 100 million years.

  • Time comes for us all. [OC]
  • See you boys at the crab orgy

  • Fuck you, kowalski
  • - things lizardman shapeshifters say