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Republicans push conspiracy theories after Hunter Biden verdict: ‘A fake trial’
  • it has completely taken the wind out of the “Joe Biden controls the justice system to persecute his rivals” narrative

    Says who? When in their entire history have they been logically consistent? They'll still argue it's rigged even if every single Democrat was arrested because one of their own got caught too.

  • Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose
  • It's almost as if we need to be brainwashed in school to believe America is always The Greatest Country Ever™ because in reality we're one of the worst.

    I don't mean worst monetarily, or by virtue of our graduates skill. I mean worst in how its people are treated, in how we treat the world at large, and how the only thing that Americas so-called leaders really aim for is to be a giant sweatshop.

  • Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose
  • We do need to give up comforts in that we'll face jail time, we'll lose our current housing, we'll have to greatly decrease our standard of living, etc... if we're to truly bring the revolution the comic is alluding to it's going to hurt a lot.

    As another comment put it "we're just whinging" and those in power know it.

    I don't like it any more than the next good person, but all throughout history the only thing that brings true change is bloodshed. "We" as workers/non-owners have literally never in history had necessary changes happen that take money/power from the owning class without bloodshed.

    THEY make it so. When you remove the power from the ballot box the ammo box is the only place left to go.

  • I am myself and myself is bad at fitting in
  • Kingons from Star Trek have combat as a major part of their society/culture. They always seek honor and glory (in combat)

    And jussssst in case anyone doesn't get it, we call that a "glory hole" and... Yeah... Look it up, but only if you're not at work and are over 18 lol

  • Justice Alito’s wife vows revenge for flag controversy in secret recording
  • Seriously though she’s just exposing more and more how the Court is an absolute sham that isn’t even close to impartial.

    Conservatives: "Who cares? We won and have full control. Morality and ethics are for the weak and for us to use as cudgels when we aren't in power."

  • Speaking the truth
  • It is the illogical utopian leftists who are charged with fishing the big rock out of the ocean and trying to push it back up the hill again.

    All while conservatives have chained it to the sea floor because "this is where it was intended to belong. It fell here so it was gods will."

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Albert Einstein often gets misquoted as saying "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

    What he actually said was "the definition of insanity is whatever the hell the DNC "leadership" is doing."

    DNC Leadership

  • Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America 'Can't Be Compromised'
  • Imagine it actually worked....

    "Congratulations American Republicans! You won the God Prize! Murder enough innocent people in the right place and you win a visit from Jesus and salvation forever! You know what totally jives with our teachings of love and respect for your neighbors? Mass murder!"

  • Age is just a number
  • Oh they have that part covered real easy. EvErYtHiNg Is A HoAx! DeMoCrAt WiTcH HuNt!

    They aren't electing a felon in their eyes so it's not hypocritical of them. Of course he already told us in 2016 he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose any supporters and he was absolutely right.

  • Sounds like a good solution
  • My list is pretty short:

    Nazis. Propagandists. Billionaires that affect society for their own benefit. People who hurt kids

    Really it could just be two:

    Propagandists and people who hurt kids.

    Billionaires have no power without propaganda and Nazis aren't made without propaganda.

  • Anon is stuck in a rut
  • You could afford to work part time remotely

    If you're a professional that even has that option. Factory workers and blue collar schmucks like myself are chained to a radius around available work :(

  • Israel Has Used White Phosphorus on 17 Towns in Lebanon Since October
  • That all makes too much sense so obviously that's not what we're going to get.

    We're going to get whatever makes the assholes in power the most money and whatever keeps bibi out of trouble as his legal troubles are postponed untill "major operations are over."