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What does it mean if I keep getting rashes/pimples, but only on one finger?
  • I too had dyshidrosis, but like you it was only on my right middle finger. I assumed it couldn't be from washing dishes as I thought it would affect more than one finger, but I was wrong (I started using rubber gloves for the dishes). Skin is weird

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • Yes I've noticed this. For the sake of my mental health, I don't mull over such issues for too long. I used to be angry at injustices I saw, but now I can't be bothered (I stopped caring to be angry).

  • Windows 10 will start pushing users to use Microsoft accounts. How to turn it off.
  • Agreed.

    I tried Solus once back in 2019-ish when I first learned Bash at work because I found it cool. Then came the games that were incompatible with Proton / Wine, and the many painful hours of trying to debug why Mass Effect Andromeda kept crashing after 30 mins of runtime (no solution found). In the end I just swapped back to Windows because I didn't want to do what I already did at work during the weekends.

    I like Linux, but until a majority of game developers prioritize development for Linux I'll stick to Windows. I could dual boot Linux and Windows, but I suspect I'll just do everything on Windows in the end lol

  • XXX
  • I had 3 so far in my 5 years of working.

    Someone shared on my local Reddit group that their boss actually prefers people with more jobs under their belt as the candidate has much more varied experience.

  • razor blades
  • I just dry shave (safety razor) and it seems to work well for me. Less hassle + blades don't rust so they last longer

    I also heard that the blades can be sharpened by running it against trousers or something like that, so it is possible to reuse them / extend their lifespan