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How do you deal with the poor and desperate around you? (Homeless or some stranger who is in an utterly helpless position)
  • I'm not sure how someone could live in a big city without learning to just walk past beggars without making eye contact. I know I sound like a terrible person when I say that explicitly, but it's what almost everyone actually does. Most other people just don't want to admit it (to others, and maybe to themselves).

  • The UAW’s federal monitor twice pressured the union to back off its call for Gaza ceasefire, then launched an investigation
  • I understand that that's what the union leaders think. I'm asking why they're saying so in their official capacity on behalf of union workers who often aren't actually inclined to think so. Apparently the resolution is more popular with the college teaching assistants in the union than it is with actual auto workers, with whom even the union's endorsement of Biden is controversial. IMO while the country as a whole has to pick a single policy regarding Israel regardless of how divisive the issue is, the union shouldn't since it doesn't actually have to.

  • After Biden's debate performance, new national NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds the presidential race is unchanged
  • I suspect that the debate was an "emperor has no clothes on" moment for Democratic politicians. Everyone already knew that Biden is old but no one who thought that was a big problem wanted to be the first one to say so. (Why risk being sidelined for disloyalty to the party in the case where you speak out but then no one else does?) The debate was just the tipping point that made age an issue the politicians were willing to talk about, but voters don't have the problem with being disloyal that politicians do so they had already taken Biden's age into account in a way that politicians publicly hadn't.

    With that said, these national polls are fun for people who watch the election like a sporting event but they're a poor way to actually predict victory. How many electoral college votes each candidate will have is independent from his support in much of the country, where only a catastrophic event could possibly change a state's electoral outcome. Meanwhile in swing states the small difference in polls like this appears to be magnified in Trump's favor.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • I think Russia wants Ukraine not in order to make money but in order to have Putin go down in history as the restorer of the Russian empire. That lack of pragmatism is what's going to make negotiations difficult.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • The scenario you describe has already come to pass. Russia has NATO on their doorstep since Finland joined, Russia's chances of breaking through the Ukrainian army and actually capturing that agricultural land are rather low even if Western support for Ukraine drops significantly, and Ukraine is going to be friendly to the West and hostile to Russia even if it isn't allowed into NATO. If this scenario is intolerable to Russia, then whatever would happen is going to happen.

    I do think there is a small but significant risk that Russia will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine (a scenario where both escalating and not escalating are likely to be disastrous) if its army is driven back to the border but not if the war becomes a frozen conflict with Russia controlling the territory it currently does. With that said, I disagree that shows of strength don't deter. Western strength deterred a Soviet invasion of Europe, and it deters a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. There definitely is a risk of escalation, but there always will be. The USA has tried being isolationist before, but it was still drawn into both world wars. It will be drawn into the next one if such a war happens.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • I think it's the other way around: Russia is aggressive but a show of strength would deter it. In other words, Russia isn't desperate to avoid a confrontation with the West. Russia wants a confrontation with the West, and it needs to know that that's a confrontation it won't win. (China also needs to know that, and it's watching the situation in Ukraine closely.)

    That's not to say that we should seek out such a confrontation with the goal of intimidating Russia. A high-stakes situation like that does have the risk of escalating out of control. However, the situation in Ukraine is already such a confrontation, initiated by Russia due to its belief that the West is weak. It would have been much better to avoid creating such a belief, but now is too late for that. The best we can do is to avoid reinforcing it and, from a pragmatic perspective, it helps that most of the risk is borne by Ukraine.

    In short, the nightmare scenario is Russia invading a NATO country like one of the Baltic states. Then either there is a war between nuclear powers immediately or Western unity collapses and a war between nuclear powers becomes much more likely in the near future. Our best chance of avoiding that is to stop Russia in Ukraine, where we can do so indirectly.

    Edit: Also people shouldn't be down-voting you. You're making a valid point that needs to be addressed.

  • Awww, he's so cuuuuttteeee!!
  • A thought experiment: you operate a security camera on behalf of a property owner. The camera records a serious crime taking place. The police want to see the video, but they can't force you to give it to them. The property owner doesn't want the police to see the video, but he can't force you not to give it to them. (However, he can stop being a customer, which will cost you money.) What would you do?

    I think I'd give the police the video as long as I thought the crime was serious. And I'd do that even if it cost me money, because IMO it's the right thing to do. I'm not saying Amazon was in that position, but I would have to know the specific circumstances before I could judge.

  • Beach Day [admiralwonderboat]
  • Beach trips were lots of fun back when I was 10 and I enjoyed playing in the water with the other kids, but they're not very interesting now that I'm an adult who doesn't particularly like swimming. (I'd rather be somewhere air-conditioned.) At least I do swim - I don't understand people who come to the beach without any intention of getting into the water.

  • The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • The problem with high wealth taxes is the same as the problem with nationalizing privately-owned businesses. Even if you're not worried about the people you tax fleeing the country (maybe they can't because their investments aren't mobile) you still have to worry about the fact that no one would build anything in France (even things not currently taxed) if there was good reason to think that France might suddenly decide to seize a large fraction of its value.

    (High income taxes aren't as big a deal because wealthy people can restructure their investments in order to avoid most of them, but I wonder whether the lost economic activity is actually worth more to the country than the money raised by the tax.)

  • Relationships
  • One time, I was on a date and I was telling a story about a bossy graduate student. I said "And he didn't even have his PhD!" which didn't impress my date, who didn't even have her PhD.

  • Anyone else who used to be on Reddit in the early 2010s remember how it used to be a Wild West?
  • It was a Wild West but I'm not sure the Lemmy community would have liked it much - there was a lot of content in the "offensive to everyone" category and people generally didn't mind as long as it was contained in its own subreddits. That doesn't seem to be the attitude of "kids these days".

  • ‘Hard to argue against’: mandatory speed limiters come to the EU and NI
  • Is it a little beep or a constant alarm? I can't imagine that many drivers would tolerate having a constant alarm.

    I'm in the USA and my impression here is that currently safety advocates are happy to set very low speed limits, drivers are happy to ignore those speed limits, and so everything works out. If speed limits were actually consistently enforced, I imagine there would be a lot of push-back against the politicians responsible.

    We need to breed a new generation of drivers who find driving in a more relaxed manner can be just as rewarding.

    I don't see that happening.

  • Is there a guide out there to renovating pre-war apartments?

    I live in a 20-story building built in 1929 and I want to do some minor renovations on my apartment. I've worked on a basic modern house made of 2x4s and drywall, but I'm out of my league here. I don't even know how to hang a mirror up on the wall...

    If it's made of gypsum brick, can I treat it like masonry? What if it's hollow? Can lathe-and-plaster support any significant weight? Is drilling into the wall going to release some ancient evil they used as a normal construction material back then?

    I'd love to find a guide for how to do even the basic things in these buildings. Does anyone have recommendations?


    Running a modern GPU with an old CPU/motherboard?

    I have an Intel i7-4770 CPU (from 2013) and I don't think I have ever been CPU-bound so I would rather not spend money on upgrading it. However, I want to upgrade my graphics card to a Radeon RX 7600. My motherboard supports PCIE 3.0 which the RX 7600 is fine with.

    Is there anything I should look out for? I'm worried that I'm missing something that will prevent me from running a 2023 video card on hardware ten years older than that.

    (In case anyone is curious, my current video card is a GeForce GTX 960. It has been good enough for Diablo 2 Resurrected but I don't think it will be able to handle Baldur's Gate 3.)


    Should I risk breaking my LG V20?

    I bought a new-in-box LG V20 about 18 months ago because I was tired of phones without removable batteries and headphone jacks. However, it gets absolutely terrible reception for some reason (as in, no signal in the middle of Manhattan). Some guy had the same problem and he soldered a big antenna to his phone to fix it. I might try to do that but given how great I am at soldering, there's a good chance I'll break the phone. Should I do it? I don't want to have to buy a modern phone with a built-in battery but I can't just have a phone which doesn't work when I'm away from wi-fi...


    Cars are awesome.

    Driving is the most comfortable, convenient, and fun mode of transportation. Walking and biking can be OK but only for traveling relatively short distances in good weather. Mass transit is inherently unpleasant. No matter how nice you try to make it (and most mass transit systems aren't nice) the fact of the matter is that passengers are still stuck in a crowded box with a bunch of strangers and limited to traveling to the mass transit system's destinations on the mass transit system's schedule. Compare this to getting into your own car and driving wherever you want, whenever you want...

    I currently live in a place too crowded for driving to be practical - I get that places like this need mass transit. But needing mass transit sucks!