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I love genuine questions and people putting in the effort to love and understand each other better. If you come at me just wanting to argue I'm going to troll you back. FAFO.

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Google Is the Only Search Engine That Works on Reddit Now Thanks to AI Deal
  • Yeah I mostly go back for r/BestofRedditorUpdates to get my trash drama fix and r/nursing to commiserate with my people. I've tried bringing in more hcw communities but sometimes its tiring to be the first of a few to move over. It elicits some pretty strong feelings of isolation.

  • Man accused of stabbing transgender teen 18 times at Miami airport
  • "The defendant added he was possibly drugged and someone inserted an unknown object in his rectum," the report says. "Although the defendant is not certain the victim is responsible for this, the defendant made a statement indicating he needed to hurt whoever hurt him and was prompted to purchase the knife at a Target store near Miami International Airport."

    Ah yes, the good ol' transphobic psychosis combo (it's actually more common than you'd think, mental illness can showcase some hidden inner prejudices that people normally mask better in some pretty ugly ways). Those biases are really deeply interwoven into our society and they often worm their way right into those that are already psychologically vulnerable, then they wind up featuring strongly in delusions and hallucinations.

    It can also be genuinely trauma related, a lot of my patients have been bouncing between the street, correctional and psychiatric institutions, and shelters, any one of which a sexual assault can and is often even likely to happen in. Traumas are another thing that frequently pop up in people's hallucinations and delusions.

    One time we had a newly admitted patient literally covering their clenched butt with their hands while waddling down the hall and looking around suspiciously. It was kind of humorous to watch but in that dark, sad way that hospital shit gets sometimes.

  • Methane emissions are the low-hanging fruit of the climate transition
  • I read methane and immediately translated it in my head to "cows" lol. I'm sure the vegans and vegetarians will hate me for saying I do think humans are naturally supposed to eat meat, but nowhere near as much as the typical western diet. The easy answer here (that would also be a lot better for our health) would be to just not eat red meat for every gotdamn meal.

  • No prison for a nursing home owner who sent 800 residents to ride out a hurricane in squalor
  • I'm a nurse and I signed a Do Not Resucitate order before 30 years old because it's literally a fate worse than death.

    They'll have 1 nurse for 32 or more patients and many if not most need to be turned side to side every two hours to prevent bedsores which are like the sores you get from new shoes but on your butt (and other places). During my nursing home clinical rotations I saw a bedsore you could fit your fist in and see bone at the bottom through the slough (that yellow gooey stuff that builds up in wounds).

    Many people need fed because they have weakness or paralysis in their arms but the CNAs have a dozen people to feed each shift and many of them need soft or liquid food so the CNA is just shoveling mush into barely conscious people so fast they choke and vomit then choke on the vomit then slowly die of pneumonia.

    They're also rife with psych issues because that's where people who have spent most of their life homeless with their originally mild mental illnesses steadily worsening over time wind up when they're too sick to bounce between prison and the street anymore. And the nursing home staff are barely psych trained so when the patients become violent or even just verbally abusive they wind up responding in kind.

    Absolute shitholes that only exist to squeeze every drop out of an already scant medicaid check until the person finally manages to die.

  • Psychotherapy Via Texts Can Be Just as Effective
  • Actually I suspect this can actually be MORE effective than in-person therapy, at least in one specific way. A critical part of a complete Dialectal Behavior Therapy Program is telephone coaching (there are some limits, usually the therapist won't pick up calls overnight or during the day you might have to leave a message and get called back within an hour or two). This is an important component because that almost complete behavioral restructuring realistically has to be learned in the environment in which those behaviors are actually needed instead of just in the therapist's office. DBT is one of the best and most effective therapies for a reason and bringing the therapy into your home and daily life is a big part of that. Individual and groups are part of it too though.

  • Alternative Medicine
  • If you leave the salt out the oil will allow you to rub the muscle deeply and promote fresh bloodflow full of oxygen and nutrients to the area to help it repair itself without irritating the skin with the friction. Also do some research into "comedogenicity" and try out some oils that are less likely to clog your pores to see what works best for your skin. I've personally had the most luck with Argan oil but every body is different. If you leave the salt in you can get a good exfoliation going so maybe save that for your feet.

  • See This Red Area? This Is *Sand*
  • I know this is an issue in a lot of places but they do where I grew up. Farm kid on meth throwing a weighted psych ward chair through a plexiglass window is practically a meme on my unit it happens so often. They have to do the meth to keep up then they wind up psychotic but still with all that muscle mass from the manual labor. It's a gotdamn mess every single time. One of them was in restraints for three months straight.

  • See This Red Area? This Is *Sand*
  • Then what do you think those people do? They're not all out there being homeless, you can't be homeless in the country like you can in the city. They're mostly ag workers OR in industries that support ag like equipment repair and large animal vets. The high school I went to literally had classes on animal husbandry because a bunch of us were expected to wind up doing that. Stop disrespecting these people then wondering why they take up with someone who can at least fake it. There might be more immigrants but those are still people who do jobs that are important and a big part of the reason that they support dumb shit is because dems don't look out for them either. They enact ecological policies (which are important) but without placing restrictions on corporate farming to prevent them from getting pushed out by not being able to compete. That's how they get talked into shit that "supports small businesses" even if it's bullshit.

  • Maybe we should all be calling him Terry.
  • I keep telling my coworkers chosen names aren't even really a "trans" thing. We work psychiatry so we get plenty of people that don't want to be called by the name they share with the relative that beat them or whatever. There's plenty of reasons to go by a different name!

  • Underconsumption Rule

    They're dishwasher safe! (At least so far) I throw the caps in the utensil basket.


    If you're constipated and happen to have a vagina, you can press the back wall of your vagina with your thumb and squeeze the poop out like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

    Going literally shitty on this one. This will probably also be a decent survey of lemmy's demographics; every man I've shared this with reacts in abject terror while all the women who didn't know you can do this look like a divine revelation had struck them. 🤣


    Would it count as cheating if you tatooed the answers to an exam on your body?

    Looking for both philosophical and real world examples including situation-specific ones like one field of study that it would versus another where it wouldn't. Idk I'm bored as shit and wanna discuss something.


    One of many live-action gripes: everyone is so damn afraid of Zuko looking "ugly."

    It's canonically important that he's permanently and severely disfigured. I feel like they're trying to go for that dark brooding thing teenage girls go nuts for (I sure as hell did) but don't realize how important the severe injury / disability is to the exact story arc that made him catnip to teenage girls. And they're honestly wildly overestimating how much that affects his "attractiveness"; like I said, it certainly didn't matter to my stupidly horny tween self. It really reflects how shallow these people are. And honestly part of the reason I don't care about that kind of thing as an adult might even be attributable to watching atla at that age, which is a great example of why that representation matters so much.

    Also tbh the way he the injury looks in the original animation, I'm surprised if he can even see more than maaaybe vague dark vs light shapes out of the damaged eye, meaning he's also disabled. I've had partial blindness in one eye since before I can remember and it can make sports that require depth perception difficult. The fact that he got the injury as a teenager / young adult would be even more disabling because he wouldn't have the neuroplasticity of a toddler / infant to help him adapt like I did. Yet he still competently engages in ranged combat on the regular!

    TLDR network / tv show executives are cowards and don't actually understand what real people who don't essentially live in the hunger games capital city actually find attractive.


    Discussion: what are your favorite patient recovery moments that aren't too uncommon?

    A big one for me is coming back and seeing my catatonia patient I was giving IV meals to and changing the sheets out from under a week ago now up in the dayroom participating in a few rounds of spades while munching on cookies and soda. I have to shove down that exact excited squeal from the video sometimes.

    What've y'all got?


    (Work in Progress) What To Do If You Can't Access Therapy

    Cliff's notes from the 300+ hours of various talk therapies it took to control my personality disorder and eventually got trained in to pass it forward. It's got some tips on interacting with the mental health system in general as well.


    You don't have to be ready to make a change (such as quitting a substance or starting exercise) to start asking yourself what it would take for you to make that change.

    In clinical psychology the technique is called motivational interviewing, and the purpose is to help the person feel ready to make the change they need to by helping them plan out what they will need to change in their environment to make it happen. The trick is to avoid pressuring them in the exact moment and instead help them start imagining a more positive future as a very first baby step. You can do this by yourself right now if you want to, even if you know you're not ready to do what you need to.


    • to quit drinking you might need to try to find a less stressful job or leave a shitty partner
    • to start exercising you might need to lower the energy required to start by leaving your workout clothes next to your bed, or you might need to get a brace for a joint so you can exercise more comfortably.

    You don't actually have to be ready to do those things to admit to yourself that they're factors holding you back. Step one will always be learning to be honest with yourself, even if you're not ready to do better just yet. So, what do you need to happen in your life to be able to do that thing you know you need to do?


    What's a traditional / archaic concept that actually happens to be right, just not for the reason originally thought?

    I've been looking into feng shui lately, specifically the concepts about what makes a person feel more safe or at ease in a space, such as relaxing or sleeping facing the entrance / exit.

    While reading, I came across the guidance that you should always shut your toilet seat to prevent your good fortune from being flushed. The real reason you should keep it shut is so it can't mist shit-water all over your toothbrush every time you flush. Also so your pets don't drink out of it.

    What other things did humans throughout history accidentally get right?


    WTDIYCAT (What To Do If You Can't Access Therapy)

    Something a little different but hopefully ok. This is a small digital garden (I tried to keep it small anyway) that gives cliffs note's versions of the various therapies I've been through for my personality disorder (totaling around 300 hours between inpatient and outpatient programs) with overall good effect. There's still a few things I need to fill in here and there, but I think there's enough there that someone really struggling could maybe benefit from, and the skills I didn't get to yet are in the workbooks I linked to.


    You're a housepet a person is trying to take a picture of with their smartphone and you have no idea what that is, or what they're doing with it instead of petting you or giving you food.

    Not gonna share my AO3 handle but I get a fair amount of praise for my stream of non-human consciousness bits so (if it's your jam) I really encourage you to take a deep dive into sensory and processing differences between you and the animal you're attempting to depict. Its fascinating (or I'm a huge nerd lol).

    As a semi-related example, a dog can have difficulty seeing a yellow ball against green grass due to red-green colorblindness, so you could also write an angry epistolary to just get a blue fucking ball already because nobody can fucking see that Jared.


    Y'all just using it wrong

    I'm actually not kidding I needed some help constructing some "highbrow humor" (I was making a childish poop joke in the nursing station) and was actually pretty impressed with the results. When I double checked there weren't a lot of search results for horse apples referring to poop (although there were some). Apparently that term usually refers to a specific fruit that isn't even an apple??? But that was the only one that didn't follow.

    I've actually found AI pretty good at doing background work for my creative endeavors, but it certainly lacks that special mix of optimism and deep bitterness that most human creatives can convey with ease.

    Here's the complete list for the curious:


    Sure, here's a list of words that refer to feces, both formal and colloquial:

    1. Feces
    2. Stool
    3. Excrement
    4. Bowel movement
    5. Poop
    6. Crap
    7. Dung
    8. Manure
    9. Droppings
    10. Turd
    11. Number two
    12. Waste
    13. Poo
    14. Doo-doo
    15. Shit
    16. Scat
    17. Guano (for bird or bat feces)
    18. Cow pie
    19. Cow patty
    20. Plop
    21. Logs
    22. BMs (short for bowel movements)
    23. Dumps
    24. Ca-ca

    Let me know if you need more specific terms or regional variations!


    Certainly! Here are some more specific and regional variations of words referring to feces:

    1. British English:

      • Poo
      • Poo-poo
      • Bog roll (toilet paper, indirectly referring to feces)
    2. Australian English:

      • Poo
      • Turd
      • Droppings
    3. American English:

      • Poop
      • Doody
      • Dookie
    4. Informal/Slang:

      • Crap
      • Dump
      • Load
      • Logs
      • Brownie
      • Mud
      • Nugget
      • Bomb
      • Chunks
      • Dirt
      • Sludge
      • Stink
    5. Medical/Scientific Terms:

      • Fecal matter
      • Fecal matter
      • Stools
      • Bowel contents
    6. Childish Terms:

      • Poopy
      • Poopsie
      • Tootsie
      • Number two
      • Doo-doo
      • Poopy-doo
      • Poo-poo
    7. Animal-Specific Terms:

      • Scat (wild animals, particularly carnivores)
      • Guano (birds and bats)
      • Cow pie (cattle)
      • Horse apples (horses)
      • Litter (cats)
      • Rabbit pellets (rabbits)
      • Sheep droppings
      • Goat pellets
    8. Regional Variations:

      • Caca (Spanish)
      • Merde (French)
      • Scheisse (German)
      • Shite (Irish/Scottish)
      • Kaka (Filipino/Tagalog)
      • Tahi (Maori)

    If you have any particular region or context in mind, let me know!


    LPT: Try to catch your landlord doing tours with potential new tenants and mention things they refuse to fix or improve.

    Every single time whatever I needed fixed was done within the week!


    When did you know a career was either the perfect or the worst match for your personality?

    I'm trying to give someone advice on choosing a career that will suit them better than the one they're in and hate. I wanted to get together a list of good questions for them to ask themselves so they can use the answers to compare options like "do you prefer to work sitting or moving around," "do you want to not work weekends" etc.


    What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?

    Mine is fresh highschool graduates getting 2 weeks of training to go work acute, all-male forensic psychiatry. We're taking criminally insane men who are unsafe to put on a unit with criminally insane women.

    ...and they would send fresh high school graduates (often girls because hospitals in general tend to be female-dominated) in the yoga pants and club makeup they think are proffessional because they literally have 0 previous work experience to sit suicide watch for criminally insane rapists who said they were suicidal because they knew they would send some 18y/o who doesn't know any better to sit with them. It went about how you would expect the hundreds of times I watched it happen.

    My favorite float technician was the 60 year old guy who was super gassy and looked like an off-season Santa. Everybody hated that guy because they said he was super lazy but he would sit suicide watch all fucking shift without complaining and he almost never failed to dissapoint a sex pest who thought they were gonna get some eye candy (or worse).

    What's your example?

    Psychology Apytele

    I've had almost this exact conversation numerous times: an excellent example of why you avoid arguing with delusions in clinical practice.

    This is Nurse Apy with some quick practical tips on communicating with someone who has a serious mental illness! (SMI)

    (Obviously the video is not a real patient, but I can't show you a real patient and I stg this is actually pretty spot on.)

    Delusions have a tendency to strengthen themselves when confronted. Instead of new observations or information weakening the belief, they're usually incorporated into the delusional belief system. This means that when the person encounters that information or situation in the future, that information/situation will actually continually strengthen the belief. Don't confront delusions; instead, redirect!

    Try to redirect the conversation towards things that reconnect the person with the wider human community. Ppl with serious and ongoing delusions have a tendency to become progressively isolated from those around them. They want to talk about delusional topics, and most people only know how to confront them about something they can clearly see is untrue. This pushes the person further into their delusions to avoid conflict with those around them. This isolation also often leads to suicidal ideation, behavior, and completion, ppl w psychosis are some of the highest risks of suicide.

    Ways you can try to connect with the person are as varied as humans themselves. As the person who actually knows and interacts with a given person, you are likely the most knowledgeable about what the best topic to do that is in a given situation. Common examples include sports, popular media, and hobbies like sewing, woodworking, or gardening. Bonus points if it's related to a communal activity of some kind.

    As an aside, this is a big reason q-anon rose to popularity during the pandemic and has remained entrenched ever since. It provided community where people were missing it, and we have a very confrontational and argumentative culture that often serves to strengthen ingrained belief systems like this.

    TLDR: if you want to get your aunt off her q-anon roll, try to get her to go back to gardening club instead (preferably one that is not also q-anon-ers, a lot of people pushing it also understand these concepts).


    Who have you known that was extremely good at a job no one wants?


    What vital task did you not realize someone was doing regularly until they suddenly stopped?

    Could be a partner, roommate, coworker, or somebody you volunteered with. They could have stopped for any reason from leaving, getting sick or hurt or even dying to just getting sick of doing that one thing and stopping.

    DIY Apytele

    Idea for heavy glass beads?

    I'm trying to clear out my crafting supplies before moving in a few months.

    Anyone know any cool patterns? I don't even know if they could all be in one jewelry piece; they're very heavy.


    When did you get hit by "the tetris effect" AKA playing a video game so much that you get the urge to do moves/actions from the video game in real life?

    When I got hooked on Morrowind in middle school it occurred to me to quicksave before a test at school.

    What's yours?


    I guess I'm glad someone is trying to do something but what in the actual fresh fried fuck is wrong with the US Humane Prison Hospice Project | Transforming the way prisoners die

    We are transforming the way prisoners die, through education, advocacy, and training to support fellow prisoners as caregivers and grief companions.

    Humane Prison Hospice Project | Transforming the way prisoners die