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Electrons are easy
  • We have to recycle nowadays. Besides we can't have people throwing away perfectly good electrons. They could end up anywhere.

  • Pour les Parisiens présents ici, vous avez prévu de partir pour les J.O. en vue du chaos dans les transports ou vous ignorez juste l'événement?
  • Je me contente d'ignorer la chose, comme tous les autres événements de masse qui font trop de bruit.

  • Can't argue with that logic
  • Hmmm. That would finally explain water skiing.

  • HP forced to ditch popular printer range following user backlash
  • I ise a brother colour laser, but that's only so I can print nice documents. All my photos have always been printed in professional labs. I only print a few pictures that I really like in large format anyway.

  • please
  • Mostly for user files.

    For system files it's not too bad. At least there's some logic to it.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Windows 3.11 or Windows for Workgroups. Maybe they were the same thing, I don't really remember.

    I needed reliable networking, the ability to process large documents (which word couldn't do at the time), and actual multitasking was nice. The system was a bit rough but quite usable. It's not as if Windows was great at the time anyway.

  • Marine Le Pen hit by shock probe into 2022 presidential campaign funding
  • Isn't it always? It seems that this happens every couple years.

  • please
  • Whenever I get to use windows and I face their byzantine directory structure, I wonder how people put up with that shit.

  • Sony is killing off recordable Blu-ray, bidding farewell to disc burning | TechSpot
  • I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the format. CDR saw a lot of use, but who needs bluray nowadays?

  • No Mercy
  • killall is deprecated, we use pkill now.

  • Lively day at the Colosseum
  • Even the romans were lawless. 😞

  • Lively day at the Colosseum
  • Women would have been on the upper level, not mixed with the men.

  • Are there FLOSS-friendly versions of YubiKey?
  • I use Onlykey as well. Can do lots of things. Works fine.

  • There’s just some things you don’t talk about at work.
  • There were millions of planets in the Republic

    Really? We always seem to circle back to the same three.

  • Time Terror
  • Wouldn't they be mountainbillies?

  • Russia: jailed Kremlin-critic Kara-Murza transfered to prison hospital, laywers denied access
  • I'm sure that the autopsy will show that he died of natural causes.

  • Is there a way to fix scrollbars in Plasma 6

    Plasma 6 changed the way scrollbars work for some reason. Now when you click somewhere with mouse1 the elevator jums there and the window content scrolls accordingly.

    Previously, it would scroll by one window's worth in the appropriate direction. If you wanted to jump to a given location, you just used mouse2 (typically the scroll wheel button nowadays). It has worked that way everywhere for literally decades.

    After reading the very weird explanation for the change, I can only conclude that the devs don't even know how to use their interface.

    Hence my question, is there a setting somewhere to switch back to the traditional behaviour?