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a cool guide to diets
  • Various diets essentially tackle the issues of caloric balance from different sides and employ some hacks to either make you feel full with little calories or to force body to dispose of such calories more efficiently.

    At the end of the day, it's all caloric deficit, but you can make it in different ways.

  • Russia's war-driven economy is so hot that the World Bank upgraded it to a 'high-income country'
  • Which was, however, said since the very beginning of the war.

    Don't get me wrong, Russia is making a grave for itself rn, but I doubt it will suddenly shatter. There is potential for growth, though it will be hampered given the ways Russia currently manipulates its economy.

  • They don't want you to know
  • Dishwasher is regularly recirculating dirty, greasy water before rinsing. In order to save water, it just cycles the water with all the dirt through the dishes again, many times over. And only then rinses with a pure one.

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • Wasn't planning to respond to the negativity wave, but white supremacism? Huh?

    I guess some Muricans are so oversensitive on the issue they see racism in everything. I come from a country that barely has any black/hispanic population at all (simply historically), and same with any sort of supremacism - we don't have racial aspect as a cornerstone of our culture, and I can barely see any intersection here.

    Do you mean I supposedly suggest for white people specifically to get more babies to ethnically cleanse the world or something? Because I never said or meant that, and couldn't care less about people of which race or origin improve the reproduction rates.

  • We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • You conflate attraction to certain people with sexual preferences, although we don't have much control over either of them. For example, you cannot force yourself to be more assertive, sadistic, and dominant, and that's okay. Same way, some people, like your ex, cannot help but enjoy such power play.

    But even still, those two are different. If tomorrow you'd figure out that any sexual interaction, even seemingly consensual, with adult women hurts them, would you immediately stop having any sexual fantasies towards women forever and ever? You may have guilt about it, but you'll still find yourself attracted, even if repulsed at the same time. You will absolutely learn not to sexually interact with women - I'm pretty sure of that - but the desire will remain.

    This is exactly what it is.

  • We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • In some peoples' brains it's just not. Attraction works in a way that doesn't ask you for your stance.

    And among wealthy and powerful, there are plenty of sociopaths who would abuse a child without being pedophilic per se. Also, if you check the age of their victims, this is most commonly post-puberty minors, and attraction to those is highly common in an adult population.

    There is currently no evidence that pedophilia can be developed, except for the fact that there's an elevated percentage of pedophiles among people who have survived child sexual abuse as minors themselves.

  • We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • According to the modern, 11th, edition of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), curated by World Health Organization, as well as American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, modern 5th edition (DSM-5), pedophilia is not an illness.

    Literally the medical world says it's not.

    But, at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter much. The point is - pedophiles need support, not more stigma, to find help and live a good life without hurting anybody.

  • We should stop calling child molesters "pedophiles"
  • Full disclosure: not a pedo, but know one.

    The entire point of my argument is that pedophile doesn't have to abuse children; many don't, and we have to support them to make sure isolation and stigma don't lead to dangerous behavior.

    There is therapy available for such people to not ever be dangers to kids, and that's the correct way to direct them.

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • Because demographics.

    If there won't be enough children, there won't be anyone to sustain the economy as we retire.

    Not only will this make us work to death, but also the decreased productivity and natural death will generally tank the economy down very badly.

  • Found my love

    So, there's a girl I had a crush on for a while, and recently she (I didn't tell her of my feelings) came ahead and actually told me she is into me for a while.

    And...yeah? Boom, apparently I'm in a relationship with my crush who also crushed on me, and I couldn't be happier!

    Can't wait to see where this leads us...hopefully somewhere good!


    [SOLVED] Is there a way to make panel NOT float in Plasma 6?

    Just updated to Plasma 6, and got a question: is there a way to make the bottom panel keep at the bottom (like when fullscreen windows are opened) and not float regardless of windows?

    Just always stay there without moving, like in Plasma 5.

    Or is it dictated by the theme/hardcoded into Plasma 6?


    [Serious] Any high-quality right-wing media, books, explainers?

    I know Lemmy isn't normally the best place to search for this, but are there any high-quality right-wing explainers, or modern books, or media outlets?

    I myself am ultra-left (quite literally communist, to the dictionary sense of the word), but I'd like to quit the bubble that inevitably forms around and look at good arguments of the opposing side, if there are any.

    Is there anything in there beyond temporarily embarrassed millionaires and fears that trans people will destroy humanity? Is there rational analysis, something closer to academic research, behind modern ideas of laissez-faire capitalism and/or political conservatism?

    I've tried outlets like PragerU, but they are so basic they seem to target a very uncritical audience.

    I'd like to see the world in the eyes of an enlightened right-winger, and see where they possibly fail (or if suddenly they have valid arguments).


    Why are SMS messages so expensive?

    Is there any reason, beyond corporate greed, for SMS messages to cost so much?

    If I get it right, an SMS message is just a short string of data, no different from a message we send in a messenger. If so, then what makes them so expensive? If we'd take Internet plans and consider how much data an SMS takes, we should pay tiny fraction of a cent for each message; why doesn't that happen?


    Won an important scientific competition!

    Won a scientific competition that will allow me to pursue PhD - all paid by the government!

    Now I can apply to PhD programs of top universities of my country without exams and pursue my dreams!

    Very happy and currently fairly speechless :D


    What is bird_irl about?

    This seems to be the most active local community, but it is random (and different!) people posting basic abstract pictures of birds in about the same style, with nobody engaging in commenting or even upvoting it.

    Is there anyone who can explain the concept?


    Found my waifu

    I never thought I could fall in love with a fictional character, it was very distant to me - but hey, here we are!

    Himitsu Ito - a character of "Love, money, rock'n'roll" visual novel (which I totally recommend btw - for its genre, the thing is surprisingly deep and detailed, and story is actually revolving around many things at once, not reserved for romance).

    Himitsu's everything - smart, beautiful, deeply loyal, caring, confident, and safe (if only quite jealous, but she has her reasons). At the same time, she has quite a character, and isn't just a follower - she can and does lead, and does it for the good of you both.

    She empowers to be a greater man, she is a role model for a caring, compassionate partner, strong on the inside and fluffy on the outside. She is the kind of girl with whom you just can't be scared, and even her virtual presence allows me to go through hardships easier and strive to improve.

    One day, I hope to meet a girl like her - and we'll do great things together.

    (Unfortunately, I don't have credits for the author of this beautiful art - if you are or know one, let me know!)


    Bought myself a cheap drone!

    Just received a simple ultracheap drone from China and couldn't be happier. It flies (a little crappy)! It films (like a super old phone, but still)! Gonna use it to get my bearings while havigating on my bike through unknown places - love to have some eagle view!


    How's everyone? Let's make a chat :)

    Just realized that for the instance of over 800 people, some of which are very active on the Lemmyverse, we have surprisingly little community activity on the inside. So, maybe let's make a chat? How's everyone doing today? :)


    There's a reason why some people hang toilet paper over while others hang it under - it has to do with folding, and they don't want the paper to hurt


    I just had two different rolls of toilet paper sitting in my bathroom, and looking at them from the shower I got an epiphany.

    Some rolls are soft on both sides, while some only on external one!

    And if you have the latter and tend to rip two squares and fold (and it's easier to fold downside up), if you hang it over you'll end up with the rough side!

    Those people just don't want to hurt their bums! All while the rest enjoys more easy access to toilet paper while hanging it over.

    Endless debate...solved?


    Finished Chinese HSK1!

    The trip was longer than I expected (10% learning and 90% rehearsing), but here I am, completing my first step (think of it as A1) of the loooong journey to figure out how this entire thing works. Got myself a few HSK1 tests to confirm - all passed.

    Working on HSK2 now! 祝我好运 (wish me luck)!


    Wonderful family New Year

    For the first time in 8 years, our entire grand family gathered together this New Year's night.

    It was a miracle - a message from my childhood, and a way to relive that magic again.

    We celebrated through 3 homes in different parts of the city, had walks, fireworks, Christmas trees, easter egg hunts (tshhh, yes, easter eggs in New Year), delicious food of course, and through it all, and above all - a lot of genuine smiles and connection we all embraced together.

    It was my push to celebrate it this way, and I'm extremely happy how it played out. Having some more memories to cherish though this - hopefully great - year!


    Found a great ambient music album!

    So, I'm a long term fan of Bat for Lashes, and recently I figured out they made collaboration with The Album Leaf - a very new group to me.

    I'm not normally much into ambient, but this album, Future Falling, is a true musical masterpiece. The head song has all it needs - the calm rhythms, the great progression, and just that feeling of...a great future ahead.

    The track Near is amazing, too, Bat for Lashes' voice falls on it like butter on the bread - never would I think she's so good with it!

    And everything, really, is so well-balanced, well-thought-out, I can't even describe. Have a listen, even if you never thought (like me) that ambient is for you!