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Is the U.S. a Police State?
  • Super soaker full of paint.

    Or my favorite, black trash bag on a stick, because you can fasten the bag around the camera without actually damaging it, if youre concerned about getting caught and sued for damaged

  • Ruling for a job is hard
  • Work environment is key, I think. On the few days when things start getting a bit hectic, I'll tell my boss, and will deputise one of the other employees to me (just as he may deputise me to deliver goods if someone is sick or they need help). When I say "This task is taking a lot of my time, I think we should delegate it to someone else, he does it.

    Sometimes, I stay late when I can and when I need to. In return, sometimes I leave early without telling or asking, my boss trusts me to make things 'square'.

    Most places aren't like that. But when they are, things are so much more efficient.

  • Ruling for a job is hard
  • I actually really love my job. Its super chill. My boss pokes his head in my office maybe once a day to say hi. Otherwise, I put my headphones on and listen to music all day. The developers I'm in charge of do their jobs well and quietly. On days I want to WFH, I just do it. They pay me quite well.

  • Ruling for a job is hard
  • Ive done all of those things in my current job, and they are unrelated to my actual job description. None of them are particularly hard. Heck, I've installed servers, welded mounting brackets, soldered components, run cabling, designed letterheads, built and maintained VM production servers in AWS, written software, visited clients, delivered goods, done sound design, edited video, written company policy, managed DNS records, and kept all the office plants watered and healthy. Im a technical writer. Some jobs just do be like that.

  • Hes alive so this meme is OK right?
  • Apparently, eating C-4 causes diarrhoea. Bomb tech recruits would be fed small amounts of C-4 and then chased around with a taser, a shock from which they feared would set it off, while trying not to shit themselves

  • Chinese Ship Suspected of Raiding World War II Wrecks Detained Chinese Ship Suspected of Raiding World War II Wrecks Detained - USNI News

    The Chinese dredger suspected of plundering two World War II Royal Navy shipwrecks last year has been detained by Malaysian maritime authorities. MV Chuan Hong 68 and the entire crew is being held for paperwork violations including port clearances and having 60 unregistered LPG containers aboard and...

    Chinese Ship Suspected of Raiding World War II Wrecks Detained - USNI News

    TIL that a Chinese barge spent much of 2022-2023 illegally pillaging scrap metal from WW2 war graves in Malaysian waters.

    A full report of the barges actions was compiled in this (pdf warning) maritime observatory report

    DIY Agent641

    Someone painted this poor desk brown and gave it to an op shop. I bought it for $60 and restored it

    Here is what it looked like when I got it home:

    ! !

    Fully stripped back:


    And restored to it's former glory:



    Tough but rewarding work

    It's okay, I can make this joke because some of my best friends are welders


    Hey, what smells like blue?

    Im not sure why, but Jerboa suddenly went a bit blue on me this morning.

    Is it an update, or something I did? For context, its always had this reddish/purple tint to it: