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Comments 469 Israel's Coming Attack on Gaza: Boundary Conditions and Delay | naked capitalism

The press is saying a lot, and perhaps too much, about Israel's division and dithering over Gaza. What might really be afoot?

"Since there are a raft of unknowns with Israel’s next steps in and what sort of fallout that might trigger, it makes sense to step back and see if we can infer anything, even at a very general level, from known or presumed boundary conditions."

Korea AfricanExpansionist

Rant: What's up with on-street parking?!

Why is it allowed? It seems dangerous for drivers and pedestrians

Are there plans to phase it out?

Japan outlaws on-street parking under the logic that it's using public space to house private property.

Korea AfricanExpansionist

Fuck Reddit. Let's get this party started!

안녕하세요! Checking in from Jeju


Should we message and invite the mods from /r/ASOIAF to join this community?

Do the mods even know that Lemmy exists?

It's the best group on Reddit with good and active moderators. They deserve better than this disrespect from the company


Request: Update link handling

When I open links to other communities in the Lemmyverse, they don't open in Jerboa. They open in chrome. As a result, I'm not logged in and can't subscribe or interact. I've found lots of communities this way but it's a hassle to subscribe to them.


Best instance for porn content?

Hey, like the title says, what's a good instance for pornographic content?