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Helldivers be like
  • In my experience I have found that verifying the integrity of my game files tends to fix issues with joining on friends and crashing ect. Takes 5-10 minutes or so but normally fixes the problem.

  • This has been most of my experience fighting the tin cans
  • My squad does that we can as well, they'll be there if you make it back. If not shrug wasn't ment to be.

    My squad also likes to land near the extract when the mission allows for it, so that we can seed the drop zones with EAT's, a resupply and for bot missions, clear out any enemies on the landing site.

  • A Flexible Sword - Urumi
  • You could use it as a belt maybe?

    Like the canesword, it's a belt first and when hooligans are up to hooligan things you can give them what for. . .

    . . .as your pants fall down.