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[CW: Blood and Death] PFLP Waldo changing Zionists minds
  • And you think lending validity to Israel's claims that its actions are purely to defend itself from a bigoted terrorist threat is going to help anything?

    There's an enormous gulf between asking nicely and spreading imagery that implies you want to literally murderer all Israelis. Have you considered that the most effective action may exist somewhere between those two positions? Also I'm very mad at you right now for making me sound like a centrist. Blech.

  • NSFW
    [CW: Blood and Death] PFLP Waldo changing Zionists minds
  • Yeah every one of these garbage posts come across as a false flag operation aimed at proving that people (especially leftists) who oppose Zionism are violent bigots.

    OP, you are literally playing right into the Zionists' hands with this crap.

  • Experimental Evidence No One Expected! Is Human Consciousness Quantum After All?
  • Human beings are desperate for human consciousness to be something special, beyond the limits of the material world, because it feels special and important to each of us. Quantum mechanics is what people with overactive imaginations who like to think they're scientifically minded use as a substitute for magic or the spiritual. Of course people will latch onto this baseless theory.

  • Trump world reportedly flirts with a return to mandatory military service.
  • It's not exactly "voluntary" when the socio-economic system is designed to leave a large portion of the population with military enlistment as the only fiscally safe means of obtaining a higher education, which is the only route to gainful employment, which is the only path out of abject poverty.

    Make higher education free for everyone and then let's see how many high quality volunteers we get for the armed forces.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • I think it's specifically meant to debunk the idea that meat is the only affordable source of protein-dense food, when in reality there are vegan protein-dense foods that are even more affordable.

    That doesn't conflict with the fact that a well balanced diet is important; it's just addressing one sticking point that tends to come up in these conversations.

  • Easy choice
  • Still much better than C++ templates, and I say that as someone who used to genuinely love C++ template metaprogramming. Admittedly Rust traits+generics are far more limited than C++ templates, but very often I find that to be a positive. The list of things that I feel traits+generics are missing is small and rapidly shrinking.

  • Israel’s imminent fate
  • "what could I have done as Winston Churchill or (I think it was) Truman."

    These people were influential but did not have unilateral power. In their position I would have tried to establish refuge for Jewish people and grant them protective status. Then because of how racist and dumb society was, I would have lost my political position and my influence.

  • Israel’s imminent fate
  • Everything you're saying really just supports the fact that the nations of the time were handling the situation in a wildly immoral way, and the creation of Israel as an ethnostate was part and parcel of that immorality, and remains highly consequential to this date.

    There's no point asking me as an individual how I would personally have solved the crisis if I could travel back in time, because one person can't unilaterally force a nation to do anything without being a dictator, and people don't become dictators without doing horrible things.

    What matters is recognizing that the Israel of today came to exist out of two factors:

    1. Wealthy and influential Zionists wanted to claim Palestinian land by any means possible to further enrich themselves.
    2. Other nations wanted somewhere to send as many Jewish people as possible because they were antisemitic and didn't like refugees.

    Now we're stuck dealing with the consequences of our idiot racist ancestors. Let's just try our best to not be overtly idiotic or racist ourselves (racist, for example, by turning a blind eye to the genocide happening to Palestinians, as if they're not even human beings, or idiotic by thinking that there's any justification for Israel's insanely disproportionate use of force).

    Just to be clear, I'm not accusing you specifically of being racist or idiotic, I'm just describing my general position on things.

  • std::underflow_error
  • Sorry to be pedantic but Rust only guarantees no data races can happen. It does not prevent race conditions more generally.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the language for sparing me from the hell that is data races, but the language alone won't solve race conditions for you.

  • the fastest transition in the west
  • I like to imagine the profile pic changed immediately after the transition was complete, and at the time of the "completely cis" post it was something manly, like.. I don't know, hotwheels?

  • 🤠 Yee-haw!
  • Might be interesting if we could compare the percentage of pitbulls that have killed or maimed a child versus the percentage of IDF soldiers that have killed or maimed a child.

    Maybe even more informative would be the average number of children killed or maimed per pitbull versus the average number of children killed or maimed per IDF soldier 🤔

  • Rust Toolchain Question
  • I'm not familiar enough with what you're trying to do to offer any specific advice. I've spent very little time with writing dockerfiles, and have never needed to set up a Rust toolchain in a dockerfile.

    I think the first step is figuring out if nightly is really needed. If there aren't any nightly features needed then the latest stable toolchain should work fine, and worrying about what version of the toolchain to use is a red herring.

  • Rust Toolchain Question
  • Nightly is for language features of Rust that are still being tested or experimented with. It should only be used by developers who are eager for the latest bleeding edge capabilities and are willing to adapt if those capabilities change or get dropped entirely. Or you might use nightly if you're a good citizen and testing out the experimental capabilities so that you can give feedback on them.

    A later version of nightly could potentially change or drop the features of an earlier version of nightly in ways that are not backwards compatible. That's why you might have to specify which version of nightly you need (potentially an older version), if you're building something that depended on nightly features.

  • Issues with minesweeper algorithm
  • One thing I'm not sure about is whether an EventReader will provide you with events that were created with an EventWriter which is owned by the same system.

    Is there any discernable pattern to which tiles don't get flipped? If the problem is with the reader/writer relationship then I would expect the tiles surrounding the target to get flipped but no others.

    Recursion isn't necessary or recommended here. Instead of using recursion you should use a queuing pattern:

    let mut queue = Vec::new();
    for e in {
    while let Some(e) = queue.pop() {
        // If e is already flipped then skip to the next iteration 
        // If e is not a mine, flip it and push its neighbors into the queue
  • C++
  • I use thread sanitizer and address sanitizer in my CI, and they have certainly helped in some cases, but they don't catch everything. In fact it's the cases that they miss which are by far the most subtle instances of undefined behavior of all.

    They also slow down execution so severely that I can't use them when trying to recreate issues that occur in production.