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The AI-focused COPIED Act would make removing digital watermarks illegal (as well as training any kind of AI on copyrighted content)
  • This is exactly what OpenAI etc. wanted to achieve with all the “AI safety” bullshit doomer talk. I really hope this doesn’t pass

  • Some windows help please
  • For 2, has this actually ever happened to anyone in uefi times? Mbr overwrite was the good old times, now we have something at least better

    I assume this is just from people remembering how that happens with MBR boot and just assuming it does the same with EFI.

  • Absolutely deranged
  • I have! It's apparently pretty common on e-bikes.

  • Some windows help please
    1. Stop using GRUB, it's a horrible legacy sprawling mess, most of which you don't need
    2. Windows doesn't delete the bootloader with EFI boot, just make sure you have free partition space for it to create the system partition and a large enough EFI partition.
  • Linguistics in science
  • Oh wow, was not aware of that. I haven't followed Sonic lore in a while (last games I played extensively were Sonic Mania and before then probably Sonic Advance 3), so thanks!

  • Linguistics in science
  • What do you mean he's no longer Robotnik? I thought Eggman was his nickname.

  • Possible to use Linux for Wi-Fi drivers on Windows?
  • You cannot cross-compile Linux kernel drivers for Windows. The API is completely different (and I kinda doubt anyone has made a compatibility layer like ndiswrapper).

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Right after Windows 8 got released, I upgraded to it on my 2011 budget laptop. I don't know what exactly the problem was, I think there was both a problem with there being a high chance of not getting any output on the display after waking up from hibernation, and it also frequently bluescreened when booting. I was playing around with various distros before then but that was when I nuked Windows and switched to it as primary OS.

    (That bluescreen bug on the laptop still wasn't fixed with Windows 10 when that came out. Lmao)

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • I actually switched from Android to iPhone maybe a year and a half ago, after I got an iPad to take notes on for university and really enjoyed using it.

    • I hate Google
    • I mostly like how iOS works
    • I mostly don’t like how Android works, it has a lot of rough edges and jank (imo, partially resulting from stock apps sucking or just not being there at all but there not being enough low level access for third party apps to provide a well integrated replacement)
    • Shortcuts/Automation is amazing
    • Builtin Calendar/Contacts/Reminders apps are amazing and especially lets me connect to my DAV server without any hassle
    • Nobody has built anything that comes close to Apple’s cross-device interactions (but I guess that’s also Apple’s and Google’s fault for locking the systems down)
    • A consistent look and feel across the system is very important to me and iOS apps seem to care more about that. Even Google’s own apps used different visual styles sometimes last I used it
    • The hardware and OS looks nice without being overly flashy, it just hits that sweet spot of “pleasant design”
    • If I want to develop apps I really don’t want to touch anything related to Java
  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • I'm using a custom ROM with microG, which potentially means no RCS since it is only available through Google Messages which doesn't work with microG.

    This is a common misconception. Android just doesn’t let you access the necessary low level stuff to talk to carrier RCS services. If you’re already using a custom ROM that may not be a problem. Here’s a third party RCS demo app:

    I don’t know how actually usable this is though, or if there’s anything else that’s usable that’s not Google Messages.

  • Redditor has worst possible experience with Google’s new Find My Device network
  • According to Apple (and I’m sure people have already investigated it), location data is encrypted in such a way that only the owner of the device can read the transmitted location. So no, this isn’t going to “associate your IP address with your location”.

    Only you can see where your AirTag is. Your location data and history are never stored on the AirTag itself. Devices that relay the location of your AirTag also stay anonymous, and that location data is encrypted every step of the way. So not even Apple knows the location of your AirTag or the identity of the device that helps find it.


  • Problem with File transfer
  • MTP is horrible, when I had an android phone i had similar problems with it. I would recommend KDE Connect which also exposes your files in dolphin directly, or the adb command.

  • He's aware he's AI generated
  • God it reminds me of that one painter who got dementia and you could see his drawing ability deteriorate as it got worse. Disturbing

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • Ah, I see, that's unfortunate. That's generally a real problem with tools that try to edit existing writable config files.

    I really want to make a distro which is built on top of basically a GUI-first (at least for most general configuration) NixOS kinda thing, where you both have to go through the tool but it also doesn't limit you in what you can do. That's a huge endeavor though especially to get it right :^)

  • What are some alternatives to Google Maps?
  • Organic Maps is planning on implementing it. For now I just use a dedicated app for that though, ÖPNV Navigator is great for Germany for example.

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • YaST. I didn’t know why they insist on keeping it, I guess at this point it’s such cost fallacy.

    What do you mean? I love the idea of a comprehensive central system config tool. I haven't used OpenSuSE in ages but it always stood out to me as a huge plus.

  • Question: If windows is required, what distro do you recommend?
  • I'd rather take the hassle of doing initial Windows setup once than the hassle of continuously fighting against awful software.

  • Question: If windows is required, what distro do you recommend?
  • When I had to use Office and LibreOffice wasn’t sufficient, I just had a Windows VM running. The web versions are hot garbage (or at least used to be 3 years ago and I doubt that’s changed). I’m not sure if there’s a direct way to mount OneDrive on Linux (rclone maybe?) but if there isn’t you could do that via a network share over the VM.

    KMail can connect to Exchange mailboxes. KOrganizer might even be able to access the calendar from one, I don’t remember.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • At one point Google Maps moved my whole apartment building/address three streets from where it should be. It was wrong for months even though I reported it when I had to keep telling delivery people that got misdirected because they used it to navigate. Anecdotal evidence etc.

  • Introducing the DreamBerd Vision Pro Introducing the DreamBerd Vision Pro · TodePond DreamBerd · Discussion #580

    Today we're proud to announce the DreamBerd Vision Pro. It's not AR or VR. It's spatial computing. And Lu Wilson has done a FULL COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO REVIEW that's completely unbiased and unsponsore...

    Introducing the DreamBerd Vision Pro · TodePond DreamBerd · Discussion #580

    Linux doesn't serve birth time attribute over NFS

    According to this Phoronix article, Linux should support the birth time attribute in the NFS server since 5.18. However, it doesn't show up in the stat output when looking at the file through the NFS mount, or elsewhere (at least, the Dolphin file browser and also a macOS client):

    % stat file File: file Size: 0 Blocks: 0 IO Block: 1048576 regular empty file Device: 0,70 Inode: 103416894 Links: 1 Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--) Uid: ( 1000/ saiko) Gid: ( 100/ users) Access: 2023-12-17 03:22:45.368950609 +0100 Modify: 2023-12-17 03:22:45.368950609 +0100 Change: 2023-12-17 03:22:45.368950609 +0100 Birth: -

    What gives? Running stat on the server directly, it shows the attribute. The backing file system is ext4, kernel 6.5.12. The client is using kernel 6.1.63.