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Twitter/X new ID Verification - First Look

Thanks to Popcrave

Who here is going to put their ID and photo on X/Twitter


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  • āœ… Biometrics and ID stored forever who-knows-where

    āœ… Continued data mining and exploitation

    āœ… Total surveillance state

    šŸ’© The enshittification continues. Gotta love it.

    Seriously though... I'm not bullish on this platform. I don't know what it's turning into, but if it truly is a "WeChat of the West," it's not something I'm interested in participating in. And I don't wanna have a hand in building it.

    In this route, it means that X would really become an identity platform.

    And us being on this platform gives it value. Gives it validity.

    I wonder every single day if it makes sense to leave the platforms in protest, or stay in the belly of the beast and raise awareness from within.

    I see value in both, but I don't think there's a way to know which is the "correct" or "best" approach until you have hindsight.

    Either way, it's clear that we don't matter for anything other than exploitation. The business model doesn't allow for anything else, really.

    Side note: Here's a clean version of the URL:

    (Remember to delete everything after the ampersand. Everything after it is an identifier.)