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What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?

I'm not saying the worst, otherwise I would need to include the star wars sequels or transformers movies... Just some really dumb movie that somehow got praised.

For me has to be Ready Player One. That movie message is so "uhuh" obvious that is stupid, the whole nerd that saves the world in a thing that otherwise would be useless to know in real life... The so over the top evil gaming corporation. The whole 80s and 90s movies and games references get old after half an hour... And it's so pandering towards the geeks and nerds, they really want the viewer feeling really cool for knowing that is the Shining hallway, or that is a Monty python reference... Or look a GUNDAM! YOU'RE SO COOL FOR COLLECTING THOSE GUN PLA! Look we have also overwatch and halo in the background! You're so cool modern gamer!

Also the obviously attractive "nerd" hacker girl that thinks she's ugly and deformed for having a small hard to see red tint in one side of her pretty face... Cmon man. In no universe anyone would think that actress is ugly.

And the message at the end is so hilarious: Look man, you're cool for getting these references and being a real gamer is cool, but go outside more!

Is like the creators have no self awareness.


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