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Remove text on TPE phone case?

Hi. When I got a new phone a couple weeks ago, it came with this really nice, name-brand (not giving names here) phone case. It's really rugged and feels great on the hands. It's also one of the most premium phone-case options out there.

Unfortunately, the case is plastered with the text: Pixel. The only phone engineered by Google. I really don't enjoy being a walking advertisement for Google, but leaving such a great case lying around is quite a pity.

So I wanted to ask if there's a way to remove the text that would not damage the case itself?

The case is made of TPE plastic according to its packaging. I thought about just scratching it off cause it does seem to be some kind of layer on top of the case, but I'm worried it won't be removed cleanly and might even leave behind scratches.

Is there another way? Is there some kind of solvent able to do this job?

Here's a closeup if that helps.


Edit: I have decided to uncensor the words.


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