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One way ticket to midnight


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  • If there are multiple communities about something you like, why not have that thing you like in them both?

    • It creates bloat in the feed where your scrolling past the same thing over and over.

      More than you normally would anyway

      • Shouldn't people who are in only one of those communities get to see the thing? Not everyone will be subscribed to them both.

        • Not if you sort by all. Then you see every community in every instance your instance is federated with.

          It can end up in seeing the same post a lot.

          • Not everyone sorts by all, some people only browse on local, and so on. All things considered, I'd favor having a cool thing in multiple places to get the widest reach possible over considering having to scroll past it again a bad thing.

            If you're going to follow and interact with multiple communities, I think using the voting system to encourage good content in each one of them is a cool thing to do (especially in the Fediverse which doesn't do shady algorithm stiff to force unrequested things in front of its users; we users are the only thing keeping the good stuff moving up to the top.)