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Why anxiety makes you notice more negative things Piped

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I haven’t watched the other videos in the series, but I found this one pretty interesting about anxiety and trauma / adverse experiences can lead to “only seeing the bad things.”

Let me know what you all think of it.


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  • That was a really interesting video and made me look at myself a lot. Recently my doctor put me on medication for anxiety. I never realised how badly it was affecting me, and like this video explains, I was looking for reasons to explain to myself why I was feeling wrong which self perpetuated the feeling. The worse part is while I didn't understand why, I did recognise that I need to stop focusing on the bad stuff but I couldn't break out of the cycle.

    • For sure, it’s difficult to break that cycle of anxiety. It has been helpful to understand it a little better. I think out of the strategies that she lists at the end, the one about challenging your assumptions has helped the most. I kind of imagine what advice I would give myself in that moment or what I would challenge someone else on.