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Happy cakeday,!

Hey, folks!

Today, we can celebrate the first anniversary of the creation of! I thought it would be cool to write down how was born, as well as collect some stats about our first year. Here goes!

A quick recap of the beginning of this instance

As probably many others here, I discovered Lemmy early last summer. I had been aware of the Fediverse previously, and always thought it was an amazing concept, but I had never been super interested in Twitter-style social networks. When I found out that Lemmy combined all the great parts of federation with the best parts of link aggregation, I knew that I had to join immediately.

As I was trying to find an instance to make my account on, I realized that most instances were struggling to keep up with a massive influx of new users. At the time, there was a big explosion in Lemmy user numbers, and the network wasn’t fully ready for it. I have some experience with building software for scale, so it felt natural to set up a new instance and try to help with spreading out the load. I got to work in the evening of the 8th of June, 2023, and I was actually so excited about everything, that I completely skipped sleep that night. By the morning of the 9th of June, was online.

From the very beginning, I always intended for to be a welcoming, reliable, and stable gateway into the Lemmy network. I wrote a welcome post on, which most of you have probably seen, as well as a comment on inviting new users to (, as many instances, was extremely overloaded at the time).

We started growing extremely quickly. Thousands of users joined over the first few months. Even during the biggest waves of new users, we never closed our sign-ups. The first month or two were definitely very stressful in terms of just trying to deal with the load, but overall, I think I managed to deal with it well enough, and has been running more or less smoothly (with a few exceptions) ever since.

Some stats about the first year

I promised to collect some statistics about so far. This is what I’ve come up with:


Overall, has 28,715 registered users. Of course, it’s easy to create an account, and most of these are probably inactive at this point, but it’s still a ridiculous amount.

Of all the registered users, 7903 have made at least one post or comment.

7373 users have never made any posts or comments, but have still been voting. This means that out of users who actually interact on, more than half generate content (through their comments and posts) - this is way more than I expected!

Meanwhile, we also have 13,439 users who have never made a single comment, post or vote. I guess most of these are people who just signed up and never got into Lemmy, but I’m sure there are quite a few hardcore lurkers among this group as well.

As for communities, our users have created 1430 of them. Most of these have not (yet) taken off, as only 491 of these communities have at least one comment in them. In general I am happy to see some great communities appearing on - my hope is that we can spread awesome communities out quite evenly on the network, so that in the end, no instance becomes a single point of failure for Lemmy.

Judging by posts and comments made by users, I feel like we’re definitely on the right track: our users have made 20,898 posts in local communities, and 30,847 posts in communities hosted on other instances. The situation is even better for comments, where users have written 42,785 comments in local communities, and a whopping 569,730 comments on remote communities! This means that is not just its own little closed pocket in the Fediverse, but indeed a proper gateway to the Lemmy network, which is exactly what I always hoped it would be.

Note about comment and post counts: I realize the numbers above don’t match the stats about posts and comments on our front page, I’m guessing something is out of sync there, but the stats I am sharing here are based on actual fresh data, counted directly in our database today.

Lemmy (and would be quite useless without its users, so a big thanks to all of you for using!


We have a really awesome volunteer admin team, with admins putting in countless hours of their free time to help weed out bad actors. A lot of the work our admins do is completely invisible to most users. I think the admin team does not really get enough recognition, and in fact in many cases, they actually get some undeserved abuse thrown at them.

I am personally very grateful for everybody who has stepped up to be a part of the team, and I think all users benefit from their work every day. In the past year, our admins have handled 12,329 reports from users. While most reports aren’t too bad, and don’t require harsh action, there is still a significant amount of these reports which contain the absolute worst content which you can find on Lemmy - hate speech, bigotry, gore, even illegal content. Our admins are constantly going through every single report they receive, to ensure that mods are getting admin-level support where needed, and to ensure that malicious users in general can’t use to spread garbage into the Lemmy network.

In terms of admin actions, I think the most interesting statistic might be amount of users banned by admins, grouped by their home instance. I will list the top 10 instances here:

As you can see, with the exception of, the vast majority of our instance bans are for our own users. Most of the big instances are actually very good at banning their own abusive users, and once they are banned on their own instance, our admins don’t really need to worry about them, as they have no way to log in at that point. is a bit of a special case - they either don’t give out a lot of bans, or those bans just don’t federate to Lemmy properly, and for some reason, a lot of advertisers sign up on that instance all the time.


I have received some questions every now and then about how much it costs to run While you can always get a sense for the predicted monthly costs for the current month on, I thought I might include a full breakdown of our costs for the first year here.

Here are all of our costs for the past year, grouped by service:

  • Postmark: 177.06€
  • Cloudflare: 222.28€
  • DigitalOcean: 1744.27€
  • Hetzner: 510.20€ ( migrated from DigitalOcean to Hetzner several months ago)
  • Backblaze: 3.78€ (we’ve been using Backblaze B2 for a few months now, it’s incredibly cheap)
  • Domain registration: 100.70€ (paid for the next 10 years!)

We are currently completely funded by users!

There is a small minority of users who are shouldering the entire cost of for all of us. I am extremely grateful that others find Lemmy useful enough that they have put their own money into ensuring financial stability for

We currently have 49 active sponsors on GitHub, and 7 active supporters on Ko-Fi. In addition, there have been 62 more sponsors on GitHub over the past year, as well as 49 additional supporters on Ko-Fi. This means that in total, 167 users have supported financially. This has completely exceeded all my expectations, I really think it’s incredible. A huge thanks on behalf of myself (and I think I can speak for all other users here as well) to all the supporters!


Running has certainly been a rollercoaster in many ways. There are a lot more things which happened during the first year that I could write about here. On the other hand, this post is already quite long, and a lot of the things which happened are probably best forgotten about anyway, so I think I should wrap up here 😅.

At its core, Lemmy is really an amazing piece of software. It’s helping real humans connect on the internet, without any corporate bullshit. I am very happy to be here with all of you, thank you for joining for its first year, and I hope you’ll join me here again when I write this post in another year from now!


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